BLEACHER REPORT: Becky Lynch Must Lose Raw Women’s Title to Lacey Evans to Save ‘The Man’ Persona


Lacey_Evans_stat--9c806a0a6c1f1978a3f25bf4e063cff8Becky Lynch needs to drop a belt at Money in the Bank.

WWE’s top overall performer and draw is pulling double duty at the post-WrestleMania pay-per-view because she holds the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships. On paper, it creates the perfect scenario to boost another Superstar while keeping Lynch hot all the same.

Which means Lacey Evans, not Charlotte Flair, has to be the one to beat Lynch for a title.

Beat is a versatile term in this sense, though. Evans, a greenish rookie still trying to get over with the audience, doesn’t have to get the win. That’s the beauty of the Money in the Bank card; some foul play can occur to help nudge Evans toward the win.

Lynch’s winning both belts at WrestleMania was borderline silly at the time. The main event to close ‘Mania didn’t need two belts, but let’s give WWE the benefit of the doubt and pretend choosing to have both up for grabs was viewed as a long-term way to have versatility… Read the Full Story HERE

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