BLEACHER REPORT: 5 WWE Stars Who Could Be the Jinder Mahal of 2018

By THE DOCTOR CHRIS MUELLER – Bleacher Report – January 6, 2017


Jinder Mahal had the best year of his career in 2017. He went from being used in a comedy segment at WrestleMania 33 to holding the WWE title for the better part of the year.

His rise to the top came out of nowhere, so naturally, the WWE Universe argued the merits of his championship reign from the moment it started in May until he lost the belt to AJ Styles in November.

The Maharaja was built up into a classic WWE villain. He rarely won without cheating, and The Singh Brothers were always by his side to take bumps for the sake of helping their boss.

WWE fans always talk about how management needs to build new top talents, and that is exactly what it did with Mahal in 2017… continue reading HERE

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