BLEACHER REPORT: Are Marks Looking to Hurt WWE, or Send a Message?


The faithful fans of WWE in Pittsburgh put a damper on what was an otherwise solid Iron Man match at Extreme Rules 2018 with their incessant chants for the countdown clock. Then again, could that have been their way of sending the company a message that the product is in desperate need of an overhaul?

The night’s Iron Man main event between Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler should have been an instant classic considering the stipulation and the competitors involved. Due to overbooking and several falls being rushed within the first 15 minutes of the matchup, it failed to live up to the lofty expectations set by fans.

The Pittsburgh crowd was clearly attempting to entertain themselves during the dull points of the bout by counting down from 10 every minute for the full half hour, and although some saw that as irritating, it could have been the fans’ way of relaying their disappointment with what they were seeing … Read the Full Story HERE



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