BLEACHER REPORT: Brock Lesnar Isn’t an Interesting WWE Character Anymore


Brock Lesnar is one of the biggest attractions to ever come along in the pro wrestling industry, but thanks to poor writing and laziness on either his or WWE’s part, The Beast has become boring.

A few years ago, advocate Paul Heyman coined the phrase “East, sleep, suplex, repeat.” It was meant to be a jab at John Cena after Lesnar squashed him with 16 German suplexes in one match to hand him the most decisive loss of his career at SummerSlam 2014.

It was a fun catchphrase to put on a shirt, but it also became his mantra, and unfortunately the mundane nature of the four-word phrase became how he performed.

It has gotten so bad, you can predict exactly how his feuds will go before they even happen. To make matters worse, Heyman is starting to become just as boring because he has no creative control over how the feuds are booked … Read the Full Story HERE

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