BLEACHER REPORT: Bumbling Babyface Seth Rollins Is Making Fans Miss Roman Reigns


SethRollins6Maybe WWE was on to something in choosing Roman Reigns over almost anyone else.

Seth Rollins’ recent sprint through WWE land shows it clearly enough. He’s been all over the place for months, if not borderline boring, which isn’t what anyone wants to see from the company’s top guy.

And this isn’t just taking aim at Rollins for the sake of doing so because he’s the top guy or it’s WWE. He’s still one of the best in the world in the ring. Everything else, though, has been dramatically out of whack with Rollins for a long time.

Disclaimer: This isn’t all Rollins’ fault. The face of the company and the Raw workhorse has to deal with some garbage writing at times. But even in the easy-money feuds, Rollins is struggling… Read More HERE

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