BLEACHER REPORT: Cody Rhodes Is Ready For War


cody-rhodes-aew-tv-deal.jpgPro wrestling’s next great star, Cody Rhodes, sits behind a desk in a cluttered office, with a placard reading “Executive Vice President” the only reminder he’s more than just one of the crew as chaos unfolds around him.     

There’s a swarm of people in the building with him, and everyone seems to be working on four things at once. The most pressing project is a scramble to get the latest edition of Road to AEW on TNT up on the fledgling promotion’s YouTube channel. Editors jump from computer to computer. All Elite Wrestling’s Oct. 2 debut on TNT is weeks away, but the rush is on.

And Cody is in his element.

He, too, is doing four things at once. Gossiping about Chris Jericho’s recent lost-and-found escapades with the AEW championship belt. Keeping track of announcer Tony Schiavone as he fights his way here through traffic. Strategizing with members of his team as they plot out story arcs for a wrestling character called “The Substitute” that they invented on the spot when Cody found out that Charlie “Clothesline” Ramone, one of the jack-of-all-trades trainees in his entourage, used to be a substitute teacher.

Oh, and being interviewed. Constantly in motion.

The desk is not his, nor is the building on the outskirts of Atlanta, nor even most of the video team. It’s all largesse provided by wrestling legend “Diamond” Dallas Page, who has let the AEW team all but take over his DDP Yoga studio as it launches what could end up being the first true competitor… Read More HERE


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