BLEACHER REPORT: Examining the Impact of the CM Punk and Paul Heyman Alliance


Few fans could have expected the Memorial Day edition of WWE Raw six years ago to be as monumental as it was, if only for the debut of the on-air alliance between CM Punk and Paul Heyman.

Nearly 10 months into his record-setting reign as WWE champion, Punk was riding high as the company’s lead villain weeks removed from his hot heel turn at Raw 1000. He was also in the midst of a ruthless rivalry with John Cena, with whom he obviously had history from one year prior when the two waged war on a number of occasions for the WWE title.

Heading into their next one-on-one encounter at Night of Champions, though, Punk was missing a key element to his act that would firmly establish him as a full-fledged antagonist. Enter Paul Heyman … Read the Full Story HERE


THE POWER OF THE PIN – 06.04.2018: The Last Temptation of Punk

While ‘The Passion of the Punk’ plays out in a court room, wrestling fans are hoping UFC 225 will convince the ex-WWE star to stop playing the sacrificial lamb


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