BLEACHER REPORT: Finn Balor Needs A Heel Turn to Jump-Start His Push


Finn Balor is the type of talent capable of pulling WWE out of a rut—and especially if he pulls something akin to a Becky Lynch. 

Frustratingly enough, WWE knows this already. The first universal champion upon arrival, Balor looked like the next megastar the company needed before suffering the now-infamous injury that prematurely put an end to his reign. 

What feels like an eternity later, the entire McMahon family took to the ring on the December 17 edition of Raw to promise sweeping changes. These, at least for now, boil down to eliminating the sorry, tired heel authority figure or general manager schtick they’ve been doing for the past 20 years. 

Hey, it’s a start. 

But to really mix things up while giving fans what they want, it might be time to insert a new top heel into the upper echelon of the company. And while the knee-jerk reaction is Drew McIntyre when hearing such a description, Balor might be a better fit … Read the Full Story HERE

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