BLEACHER REPORT: Why Fox Would Be the Perfect Home for SmackDown

By RYAN DILBERT – MAY 21, 2018

A new era for WWE SmackDown Live is on its way.

The blue brand has to brace for a shake-up as Raw and SmackDown, are poised to no longer be on the same channel. Lesley Goldberg of The Hollywood Reporter wrote that while NBCUniversal will reportedly focus on renewing a deal for Raw, “SmackDown is being shopped to various networks.” Goldberg also noted: “Fox has been speculated as a home for SmackDown, sources say.”

That could be a game-changer.

Team Blue heading to a different network would lead to a creative boost for the brand, especially if that comes with a change in rating. Tuesday nights could see Samoa Joe cut down foes with harsher language, rivals batter each other with weapons more often and SmackDown embrace an edgier sort of narrative … Read the Full Story HERE

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