BLEACHER REPORT: Indie Superstars WWE and AEW Should Sign to Full-Time Contracts


Kross - Cool BlueAEW arrived on the scene last year and immediately took the wrestling world by storm. From Chris Jericho to Jon Moxley to almost the entire Elite, the company managed to put together a pretty star-studded roster and wasted no time in delivering well-received shows for their fans.

WWE responded by not only locking in a handful of their top stars (such as AJ Styles and Randy Orton) into long-term deals, but also scooping up more notable names from the independent scene (including Kushida and John Morrison). Of course, both companies’ pursuit for talent will not stop in 2020.

Say what you will about WWE signing stars for the sake of keeping them away from the opposition (and that argument can be made), but enough independent wrestlers have done well for themselves in NXT and on the main roster that no aspiring athlete should be questioned for their decision to go there if they so wish.

Meanwhile, AEW has been a breath of fresh air for the year they have been around for. Their roster is still growing, yet it feels like some of their wrestlers don’t feel as special as they should.

Both promotions have their faults, but the fact is it’s an exciting time to be in the business. With so many different companies to choose from, every wrestler has to be benefiting, specifically when it comes to securing sweet deals with WWE and AEW.

Independent wrestling will continue to thrive and produce phenomenal talent across the globe, but these are the names WWE and AEW should be looking to land in 2020… Read More HERE

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