BLEACHER REPORT: Ken Shamrock’s Bar Brawl Debut Was a Unique and Chaotic Spectacle


ATLANTA — Looking down as his opponent writhed on the ground, eyes closed, body convulsing, Ken Shamrock was afraid he’d killed a man.

This wasn’t the first time that thought had crossed his mind, nor was it the first time he’d left another man lying insensate on the ground. His 54 years have been filled with such indiscretions, youthful and otherwise, and the UFC Hall of Famer has left plenty of bodies on the floor.

But this was a pro wrestling match, his first in the United States in almost 10 years, and Shamrock was worried that he’d taken things a little too far.

Wildpitch Underground, just a few blocks away from Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the site of Super Bowl LIII, and City Hall, is normally the home to electronic dance music, techno and house parties, people packed in tight to dance the night away.

But on Thursday, it was home to “No Ring, No Rules” bar wrestling courtesy of McAloon Productions, transformed for one night only into a truly unique gladiatorial arena—and potentially home to a crime scene as well.

Wrestlers had bludgeoned each other in increasingly inventive and grotesque ways all night, bumping into and around a small crowd of loud, drunken, smiling wrestling enthusiasts who were close enough to … Read the Full Story HERE


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