BLEACHER REPORT: Lesnar’s final task in WWE… Get fans to cheer Reigns


Roman-Reigns-was-attacked-by-Brock-Lesnar-on-Raw-670x324WWE has finally found the recipe for overcoming the biggest hurdle it faces: getting fans to cheer for Roman Reigns.

Naturally, Brock Lesnar is the main ingredient. Moving the needle to sheer hatred for Lesnar wasn’t easy to do, but it’s the only way fans were going to embrace Reigns’ long-awaited Universal Championship triumph and end a longer-than-necessary chase after a few solid missed opportunities.

This needle moved to the red on the latest edition of Raw, where Lesnar finally showed up, cut a few superb heel backstage segments and confirmed the writing on the wall by attacking a defenseless Paul Heyman … Read the Full Story HERE


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