BLEACHER REPORT: Rollins & Lynch Will Emerge from WrestleMania 35 as the Faces of WWE


becky-lynch-womens-royal-rumbleBeing the so-called face of WWE is an important role because that person or persons are expected to represent the company both in and out of the ring.

Each generation has been defined by a few Superstars. John Cena led the company for well over a decade, and before him, it was guys like Triple H, The Rock and Steve Austin.

Before he took a hiatus to treat his leukemia, Roman Reigns was WWE’s chosen one, but he had to step away and let someone else take the wheel.

AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan have done an outstanding job being the top dogs on SmackDown for the past year, but the flagship show needs someone to step up and be the leader… Read the Full Story HERE

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