BLEACHER REPORT: Some WWE Superstars should ALWAYS be Heels


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is alexa-bliss-raw-wwe.jpgMost WWE Superstars can work well as a hero or a villain, but certain people are better at one than the other, and it’s usually the people who play villains.

Getting people to hate you sounds like it should be easy. All someone has to do is call everyone in the crowd ugly and insult whatever major sports team that city happens to cheer for.

However, today’s fans don’t just boo someone because the company wants them to. In fact, if a Superstar is exceptional at being a bad guy, the crowd might cheer for them louder than it does for the hero.

Being able to generate heel heat is a skill some people spend years perfecting while others are natural antagonists who can make anyone hate them

This article will look at five Superstars who should only ever play the heel in WWE and why they do so well in the role … Read the Full Story HERE

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