BLEACHER REPORT: The End of the Brock Lesnar Era in WWE Has Been a Disappointment


181101-brock-lesner-change-indexDespite WWE Crown Jewel being a hot topic of conversation recently, the Universal Championship match between Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman at the event is the last thing fans are talking about going into the event.

The blockbuster bout was originally supposed to see Roman Reigns defend against both of his long-time rivals in a Triple Threat, but Reigns being forced to relinquish the title following the announcement that his leukemia had returned caused the contest to become a standard singles outing. Even before Reigns was removed from the picture, the matchup still lacked fanfare and hardly felt important.

Worse yet, this should be more than just another opportunity at the championship for Lesnar, considering it isn’t known when he’ll be back in WWE. It was widely believed months ago that SummerSlam would be his final on-air appearance for the foreseeable future, but his shocking return at Hell in a Cell indicated that he had signed some sort of extension with the company … Read the Full Story HERE
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