BLEACHER REPORT: The Most Exciting Swerves in WrestleMania History


Hulk_Hogan_Wrestlemanix_IXOver the course of 34 years, WWE has saved some of its most exciting and unexpected swerves for its annual Showcase of the Immortals, WrestleMania.

Since the event’s inception in 1985, it has been home to unforgettable returns, shocking defeats and twists even the most impassioned fans never saw coming.

Some had long-lasting effects on the WWE product, others were just fleeting moments dedicated to popping the audience and delivering a jolt of excitement. Whatever the case may be, they have helped lend to the spectacle that is The Granddaddy of Them All.

In anticipation of WrestleMania 35 in East Rutherford, New Jersey, on April 7, and what has the potential to feature a twist or turn in its own right, these are the most exciting swerves in the long and illustrious history of sports entertainment’s most prestigious extravaganza … Read the Full Story HERE

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