BLEACHER REPORT: The Sun Isn’t Shining on Ronda’s UFC Legacy


RondaMost legendary athletes are immortalized in our memories at the peak of their powers. When you think of Michael Jordan, he’s switching hands in midair, floating toward the basket like gravity simply didn’t apply to him. Likewise, Joe Montana is remembered for that one perfect pass: a mind meld with Dwight Clark that saw him place the football where only one man could possibly catch it, the stakes as high as they come.

If fans recall less spectacular times on less glorious teams like the Washington Wizards or Kansas City Chiefs, they are too kind to mention them. We prefer our heroes with the sun shining on them, beautiful, young and strong.

Ronda Rousey, the UFC’s latest Hall of Famer, who is scheduled for induction Thursday night in Las Vegas, won’t receive that same courtesy … Read the Full Story HERE

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