BLEACHER REPORT: The Time Is Now for a New Day Breakup

By CHRIS ROLING – Jan 6, 2019

The pancakes are getting stale. 

That is a good thing for WWE—New Day’s act finally running its complete, historic course can open up a long-expected angle anyone can get behind. 

A mega push for Big E

The time is as right as ever. A New Day breakup has been speculated about for years now without an actual split, if rarely even a hint of one. What they have had is glorious and one of the company’s best acts. But in WWE, nothing lasts forever, and according to Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer (h/t Cageside Seats’ Randall Ortman), a change for the group could be on the way.

And a Big E run now makes more sense than ever given WWE’s state of affairs. He’s naturally a good guy face-type character who is a believable victim of a split. Maybe Xavier Woods gets tired of having no singles titles to his names, let alone a lesser spotlight within the group

Either way, splitting the legendary group would also shove them out of the spotlight, letting the tag-team division and up-and-comers like Sanity grow on their own. The how of a split isn’t as important as the simple fact it would push Big E into the main-event scene after he disposes of whoever caused the split … Read the Full Story HERE


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