BLEACHER REPORT: The Time is Right for a Finn Balor Victory over Brock Lesnar


brock-champ-1485117267-800The McMahon family stood in the ring not too long ago and beat the “change is coming” drum in response to poor ratings and a stale product going nowhere. 

Ripping the Universal title off Brock Lesnar via Finn Balor is a good way to start. 

To WWE‘s credit, some refreshing things have started to happen. The random promos of eventual NXT call-ups is a fun idea. They put a nix in the ruined Dean Ambrose-Seth Rollins feud, realized Braun Strowman has cooled off and continue to head toward what seems to be a women’s main event at WrestleMania. 

But WWE has yet to address its biggest problem—the fact the top title on its supposed top brand is never around in any capacity. 

But with Balor winning the right to face Lesnar at Royal Rumble, WWE has a unique opportunity to pull off something the majority doesn’t see coming. Not only does Balor always get the weird start-stop pushes, he looks like the typical filler challenge so Lesnar—the big casual draw and UFC crossover—can still go into WrestleMania with the strap and perhaps lose it there. And why give Balor the John Cena pin and endorsement if he isn’t winning?  … Read the Full Story HERE

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