BLEACHER REPORT: Who Will Be WWE’s Top Stars in 5 Years?


Drew McIntyreAs the world continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, almost every sports league and many film and television productions have shut down. WWE is trying its best not to join them.

WrestleMania 36 is supposed to take place on April 5, but with so many changes being implemented regarding the size of public gatherings and international travel, it is looking like WWE will be forced to change its plans. Even if that does happen, WWE will find a way to continue doing business in any way it can.

With that said, it’s always fun to look toward the future and speculate about which stars will rise through the ranks to become the top names in the business.

This article will look at six Superstars with the potential to become main event talents within the next five years. The rule is simple: The only people eligible for the list are those who work for WWE but have never won the top title in their division on Raw or SmackDown.

Let’s look into the future to see which WWE Superstars will be on top in 2025… Read More HERE


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