BLEACHER REPORT: Why Roman Reigns Shouldn’t Be Heavily Featured at WrestleMania 35


Roman Reigns is back in time for WrestleMania 35 — but it might be best for everyone if he takes a backseat for now.

Reigns’ return announcement, mere weeks before ‘Mania, will likely go down as one of the best promos of all time. The story is incredibly personal, heartfelt and relatable. Also impressive was Reigns’ quick return to in-ring action. He’s a bit rusty, but he’s hitting the usual moves and has the fans behind him while putting on a show.

Just like old times.

But WWE does seem to be angling for a slow burn with Reigns—as it should. While one could argue the merits of WWE throwing together another Shield reunion because of the speculation surrounding Dean Ambrose’s seemingly impending departure from the company, the likelier angle sees the company ease Reigns back into the groove … Read the Full Story HERE

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