BLEACHER REPORT: WWE Greatest Royal Rumble Results – Reviewing Top Highlights and Low Points


WWE is no stranger to hyperbole and hyping everything to be the biggest and best thing ever just to get fans to anticipate what’s coming next, but to go the extra mile to call a pay-per-view the Greatest Royal Rumble felt like it was an extra step over the line.

Following the announcement of that random extra event scheduled for Saudi Arabia, the card started to fill and the lineup quickly began at least trying to live up to the name.

Every single championship would be defended, save for the Raw and SmackDown Women’s titles, John Cena would face Triple H for the first time in years, Brock Lesnar would be sticking around to fight Roman Reigns in a steel cage, The Undertaker would fight again and in a Casket Match no less, a Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match was on the card and, for the first time ever, a Royal Rumble with 50 men would transpire.

That was quite the menu, yet all the potential in the world … Read the Full Story HERE


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