BLEACHER REPORT: WWE Superstars in Need of a Brand Change


b7abc8cadc9986bd64c6944039060e42_crop_exactMonday will bring with it the start of the 2019 WWE Superstar Shake-up, wherein some wrestlers from Raw and SmackDown will be traded and a few men and women from NXT will be called up to the main roster.

This freshens up the available feuds. New opponents can be paired off, and some Superstars can enjoy a change of scenery.

Even if the only differences in the sets are logos and colors, there are still reasons why someone may work better on one show. SmackDown still operates as the land of opportunity for lesser stars to have more of a chance to step up, but there’s one less hour per week to work with.

Meanwhile, Raw never seems to change from focusing on a handful of big stars. For those lucky enough to be on that list, it’s the best place for them to succeed. For everyone else, even three hours of TV time to fill doesn’t mean they will have room to spread their wings … Read the Full Story HERE


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