BLEACHER REPORT: WWE’s Crown Jewel and Super Show-Down Are Lazy Cash-Grabs


2ee3686f48b84483cef540f6d609aa19_crop_exactWelcome to another edition of Hot Take, where the gloves are off and it’s time to rant. This week’s target is the build for the upcoming Super Show-Down event and the announcement of Crown Jewel to follow.

Let’s cut straight to the chase and lay the cards out on the table: These overseas pay-per-views are glorified house shows with a bit of fairy dust sprinkled on them and are causing several problems WWE would surely never admit, because they’re major cash-grabs and no company will be that transparent.

That’s where I come in to point out the flaws that will be overlooked while WWE touts the positives, even if some of those successes are … Read the Full Story HERE

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