BLEACHER REPORT: Burning Questions that Should Be Answered at AEW Double or Nothing


https___blogs-images.forbes.com_alfredkonuwa_files_2019_01_OmegaOne of the most anticipated wrestling events in recent memory arrives on Saturday as All Elite Wrestling makes its debut with Double or Nothing live from Las Vegas.

A debut of this magnitude sparks many questions, especially when it is a promotion that has been insistent on being an alternative to WWE.

This is perhaps the highest profile attempt since the WCW days almost 20 years ago that a brand wants to directly compete with the Goliath of the wrestling world, but what exactly should we expect to be different?

President and CEO Tony Khan said that “Wrestling fans have wanted—and needed—something different, authentic and better for far too long” in the official press release announcing their television deal with WarnerMedia, stating AEW is for fans who have been “underserved” and “disappointed”:

“Focused on producing fast-paced, high-impact competitions, AEW offers fans less scripted, soapy drama and more athleticism and real sports analytics, bringing a legitimacy to wrestling that it has not previously had. Wrestlers will also be given more freedom to explore their characters and highlight their athletic abilities … [AEW will track] each competitor’s wins and losses as the wrestlers pursue championships.”

Here is information on where to watch Double or Nothing, as well as 8 burning questions… Read More HERE



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