CAGESIDE SEATS: This is The Sasha Banks We — and WWE — Badly Needed


I don’t know about you, but when I looked at the WWE women’s division just one day ago, I couldn’t see anything all that interesting as far as potential feuds are concerned. Bayley and Ember Moon worked their ass off at SummerSlam and it still felt like no one cared, possibly because the match was put together by way of their being friends and just sort of deciding on it. Becky Lynch, for all her greatness, beat Natalya in a program that made it quite clear Nattie is not cut out to play the kind of character she was trying to play. Charlotte Flair deserves a lot of praise for trying to carry Trish Stratus to a great match, as a strong heel should do, but what’s next for her? What’s next for any of these women?

Then, this:

I didn’t realize just how badly we needed not just Sasha Banks but this version of Sasha Banks until she did literally everything she did here. The best version of Sasha, in this writer’s opinion, at least, was the version who made Izzy cry in NXT while beating up her hero, Bayley, and then mocking her for crying. After all this time, it feels like we may finally have that Banks back  … Read the Full Story HERE

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