BLEACHER REPORT: Can AEW Instantly Compete with WWE If CM Punk Signs a Full-Time Contract?


2222701-2222312_cmpunk.pngThe allure of a CM Punk return to wrestling continues to loom over both All Elite Wrestling and WWE.

While both companies have done just fine for themselves lately in their own respective ways, and while Punk’s potential return to wrestling comes down to when he wants to do it, the fact that a modern-day legend remains on the free-agent market has a way of generating conversation.

Make no mistake: either promotion would welcome Punk with open arms if he picked up the phone and said he wanted a match. Yes, even WWE. Punk is a legend, regardless of the nature of his departure and the happenings after. He’s a draw, and draws get deals from Vince McMahon. Period.

But more interesting is the AEW angle. 

AEW is playing the role of the underdog in the industry. The TNT deal is nice, but WWE SmackDown is moving to Fox in October, and the promotion just shifted NXT into a position to compete with AEW’s weekly programming… Read More HERE

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