THE CASUAL SHEEP – 03.20.2020: Viruses Within the Wrestling Industry

By Goose Mahler, Associate Editor

Mark Mahler

We are almost done with week 1 of CoronaVirusMania 2020. It’s funny how fast a virus can spread throughout the world. I mean, people hate this thing and have conspiracy theories without understanding exactly what it is. You know, a hoax according to some simpleton otherwise known as 45. But I digress. 

Hatred is a strong word to use under any circumstance. It should be reserved for things like Cancer, terminal illnesses, murderers, cheaters, etc. You get the picture right? Hate is not something to just throw out there left and right unless you are a miserable SOB to begin with. 

Hatred can consume a person or people. It is very similar to this virus taking over the world and people have good reason to hate what is happening, being stuck at home and all. But this virus has allowed me to listen to more podcasts, both positive and negative. But it made me realize that there are some pretty nasty viruses within the wrestling industry too – at least guys that seem to repeatedly get mentioned as being hard to work with and not what they might be in the ring when they are out of the ring. 

Without any further delay, here are some wrestlers that I believe are probably either the most hated now or were the most hated ever. Starting at number 5:

  1. The Dynamite Kid

Dynamite KidStories will continue forever with Dynamite. As physically gifted as he was in the ring, he was unstable and bordered being a psychopath out of the ring. He put a gun to his wife’s head at one point. His joking backstage was legendary, but also as one former wrestler claimed, “damn near criminal.” People say Davey Boy Smith, one of the pranksters himself, started to grow tired of Dynamite as his antics and aggression got worse towards people and separated himself from the Kid. It ultimately led to Dynamite parting ways with the WWF and his over aggressive in-ring style led him to a wheelchair. Drugs might have played a big part in his actions, but it doesn’t excuse him at all. 

  1. Muhammad Hussain

This character gets a ton of sympathy for being in the wrong place at the wrong time with terrorism and that being his angle which ultimately was the downfall since it was a real-life problem out of the squared circle. However, Muhammed never really endeared himself to his peers. He got made at Eddie Guererro for using a camel clutch which was Hussain’s finisher. Problem there is Gory Guererrro was famous for using the move in his day too. It wasn’t a one wrestler move. Also rumors circulated he was arrogant backstage to the point he tried to buy people on the WWE roster drinks and they all dumped them out on the floor until he left. Ouch! 

  1. The Ultimate Warrior

For as charismatic as his character in the ring was. His constant bullshit out of the ring wore thin on many wrestlers. Andre the Giant, Bobby Heenan, Rick Rude, and others all never really gave Warrior glowing reviews for his in-ring work or promos. It’s well known he held the WWF hostage for more money at one point which had wrestlers lining up to break his legs. People never thought he was be put in the WWE Hall of Fame. Vince let him in, but legend still has many people questioning why the WWE let him into the Hall. 

  1. Shawn Michaels

Shawn MichaelsPeople might love the Heartbreak Kid and the Mr. WrestleMania man himself. But back in the day, there was a line of people waiting for Michaels to get his. He admits in several interviews he should have been fired many times because of his partying ways and lack of following rules and authority. When he made it big, he was known for throwing his weight around the lockerroom like he ran the place and often blamed other wrestlers for his short comings. Michaels might have grown up when he found religion, a wife and family, but there is no doubt he was a legendary jerk backstage to many people and peers. Oh well, I guess he had Sunny (or is it Sunnier) days after becoming a heavyweight champ. 

  1. Hulk Hogan

This shouldn’t shock anyone that knows wrestling. Hogan pulled a lot of punches, tended to fabricate his stories and how much he knew. But what amazes me more than anything is listening to podcasts and ready books and online stories is just how many wrestlers despise Hogan. It’s a who’s who list of top-notch wrestlers that felt Hogan undercut, lied, patronized and even blacklisted them to get his own way. I mean how many people remember the abortion match between Hogan and Michaels at Summer Slam? That is what you get when you play the creative control card with someone also playing the Game. (Get the pun…NXT people will)

Aside from racist remarks, pulling creative control, keeping certain wrestlers down, and lying to keep himself in good light with the fans. Hogan might have been the reason a lot of us watch wrestling now and even back in the day. But he also has a fan club of wrestlers that wouldn’t wipe their ass with Hogan if he was the last toilet paper available on Earth. Not a good way to be remembered, Brother! 

There you have it. My list of wrestlers that are almost as hated as the Coronavirus. It’s not a scientific list. But if you listen to several solid podcasts and one thing is for sure, 5 on this list can be debated big time. Cena, Melina, Bischoff, Jarrett, Russo, McMahon, Triple H, Sean Waltman, and a host of others could easily be on this list. But we will tackle those viruses down the line sometime. 

Until next week… please stay safe, wash your hands, say your prayers, and cover when you cough, brothers and sisters! 


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