THE CASUAL SHEEP – 05.10.2019: Social Media Mania

By Goose Mahler, Columnist

MarkFirst, I realize the staff here at all have opinions, I want to make this clear. These are my opinions and in no way reflect the rest of the writers and staff or at this website. Rumors are not part of our motto but tackling some touchy subjects can be just that touchy. Here’s my blatant opinion on what I read about one Lars Sullivan 5/9/2019.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen wrestlers come and go. Guys and girls that potentially have the “IT” factor and then screw it up because of something stupid.

Whether it’s a comment, a fight, an opinion, or now the biggest worry of them all: A social media post, or Posts Gone Wild.

Lars-Sullivan-1-1024x576I got home from work, and my email was exploding:

“Did you see this?”
“What the hell is with the WWE pushing this idiot after this?”
“Why is he attacking guys he literally shit on in social media?” 
“Is Vince out of his mind?”
“What’s your take on all this stuff coming out like this?””

I had heard a couple weeks ago about Lars Sullivan posting some ignorant comments while on a forum board. Hell, I had a great discussion about how useless we felt Lars Sullivan was with one of my best buddies, Stan Jones, just the day before.

For those of you that don’t know me, I ran a forum board years ago called the Goosenest. We posted opinions, news, rumors, predictions, and tried to have fun. Hell, we had one of most non-sensical threads of all time that was just getting in the last word on a post and if no one posted within 24 hours you won the thread. This went on for a good 7-8 years with the same group of great people. And hell, we still have it going on in private on Facebook. Hit me, if you want to join in.

But I digress here. When you post something on a forum board, it stays. Whether you delete it or not, it can always be cached and brought back to life. Watching what you say on forum boards should be on you. And you better use your smarts. Even nicknames or hiding behind fake accounts can be learned and used against you. Trust me, I know, I’ve been hacked, had boards deleted, and rebuilt from scratch because I don’t share the opinion that bullying, flaming and bullshit aren’t needed to have a civil conversation.

Lars Sullivan posted things that the WWE should have done their homework on. They obviously didn’t.

lars-sullivan-4-770x470From racists remarks, homophobic comments, sexist posts, to wrestlers OD comments – Or, his opinion on current, past and former WWE wrestlers that were less than flattering.

And when I mean ‘less’, I mean sub-zero here, folks. Not even above the Mendoza line. to steal a baseball phrase. He was brutal and opinionated in all the negative ways people warn you about.

And what has the WWE done? Nothing, zip, nada. Not a good sign for a company struggling with fans right now.

It begs the question, what in the royal FUCK is the WWE doing, pushing this (for lack of a nicer word) Douche Bag to the moon?

This is a publicly-traded company whose ratings have been in the shitter for weeks now. And those that didn’t like my past columns regrading ratings, the truth hurts. The WWE ratings absolutely SUCK. Wild Card rules, a never-ending Superstar Shake-up, Wrestlers taking their balls and going home, not wanting to re-sign… you name it. This all points to bad booking, stupid long talking segments, not so good matches, and crap that people just are tired of seeing. Then, along comes a TRUE Monster that they push. And why?

Even before this latest leak of former social media posts, Lars Sullivan was on a bad path. He was supposed to be Cena’s Wrestlemania 35 opponent, but had an “Anxiety Attack” and went home.

For the record, I get anxiety attacks and panic attacks, being a diabetic for years. They aren’t fun to deal. Hell, neither are blood sugar crashes, but they happen they are part of life.

But was Lars having the attacks in the hopes that these bastardized negative comments would go unnoticed or under the sun and never saw the light of day? Makes you wonder doesn’t it? I know if I posted things this damn negative towards people of different races, religions, sexual orientations, I’d be pretty damn paranoid too.

But even before these comments hit Twitter or website. If you are paying attention, Sullivan’s music hits and the fans didn’t react. Not once, not twice, never. There has been literally no reaction from the crowd for this so-called monster. Watch Raw closely his second time. His music hits and you can see people at the arena’s heading out of the arena to the (take your pick) bathroom, for a beer, to the souvenir stands, who knows. They heard the music the WWE panned the crowd and people just kept going not even a wince to see what was happening.  The fans didn’t care about Sullivan.

He’s another in the long line of big wrestlers that Vince McMahon wanted to push to the moon. Tom Magee anyone? Ludvig Borga? The Giant Gonzalez, Silva…anyone with a Giant nickname not named Andre? The WWE rarely if ever can capitalize on a guy with a look. They don’t know how to! At least if you look at the history of wrestling, very rarely has Vince made a big wrestler with a look. They tend to make themselves despite bad gimmicks. Just look at the Rock and his hair when he started. Die, Rocky, Die. Remember that chant?

But this is about Good Ole Lars Sullivan. A guy that in the past obviously had some issues with women, men of different ethnicity’s, and people with different views on religion and sexual orientation. Yet Vince and his band of merry misfits looked the other way. If you don’t believe me, look at Big E’s twitter respond to a fan pointing this out:


I get this fan put Big E on the spot here, but to his credit he answered. The WWE is aware of Sullivan’s past comments. Now forgive me for being a complete and utter asshole here, but didn’t they fire Hulk Hogan for past racist comments? But because Lars can still wrestle let’s look the other way? Sounds pretty Eish doesn’t it? Enzo was fired for a sexual assault complaint, but Sullivan can make sexual comments and go without so much as a slap on the wrist? Or, make a bunch of racist and stereotypical comments, and nothing is done?

Before people complain about me being white if you see my profile picture, let me clue you in. My mom’s family is Filipino. My dad’s side is German. There are times I show people my family pictures and they drop their jaws. Especially after I hear people make comments about Filipinos and their looks. I don’t stand for racism, womanizers, sexist pigs, or assholes that degrade people for the way they are or look.

Lars-SUllivanLars Sullivan has a huge issue and now so does the WWE. This got out. This is getting big quick. The bigger this gets the less time Vince and his family have, to make things right over this finding. If the WWE thinks Sullivan has a big future, they are dead wrong. The more that people thought he had the “IT” factor they are dead wrong. All the talent in the world doesn’t change the fact that Lars Sullivan is a scum bag.

Don’t use the he was young excuse with me. He knew these posts could come to light. He knew what he was saying. If it was youth that caused this, he would had stopped. He didn’t. Comment after comment, after comment he spewed his venom. Well, it’s time to pay the piper Mr. Dylan Miley. Your comments are out in the open. All that time the WWE promoting someone that has this type of history makes you wonder about the WWE and all the ant-bullying and campaigning they have done with different tolerance groups might go flush if they look the other way.

The Ball is now in Vince McMahon’s court. Listen to the fan base Vince and do the right thing for a change. Or will it take a hit to your wallet to wake you up. Lars Sullivan is definitely a monster, just not the kind you were making vignettes for.


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