THE CASUAL SHEEP – 06.12.2020: When Push Turns to Shove(d Down Our Throats)

By Goose Mahler, Associate Editor

Mark Mahler

Sunday Night, NXT Takeover In Your House saw Io Shirai top Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair to become the new NXT Women’s Champion. Thus ends the Charlotte era in NXT…at least we can hope. 

Charlotte is arguably the best female performer in the wrestling business. She is athletic as it gets, strong, quick, can utilize the ropes, submit her opponents and cut a solid promo. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that she is also the most overused WWE performer and, for no reason, was on the wrong show. 

People used to bitch about John Cena and Roman Reigns being constantly shoved down our throats and that warrants a lot of merit. Now that prestige has fallen to Charlotte. For some unknown reason the WWE brass thought NXT needed Charlotte. And so did Raw. And so did Smackdown. 

All these appearances did nothing for the ratings. Last year, I called Charlotte a ratings killer and this run did her no favors at all. NXT didn’t need her because they have arguably the most deep division women’s division in wrestling. In fact, many fans argue her beating Rhea Ripley has hindered Ripley’s ascend up the proverbial ladder. Remember, Cena was also a star killer. Charlotte is getting there too. 

This has been going on for over a year now. People are still debating how Charlotte had no business in the WrestleMania Main Event with Rousey and Lynch. Regardless if she was the most polished performer in the match, the storyline which was white hot but then stalled when Charlotte was added to the match. The build leading up to it lost it luster. It didn’t help that the main event went on well after midnight of a 96 hour card. 

After WrestleMania she bounced right back to beat Lynch for the Smackdown title only to lose that belt to Bayley on the same night. This again lead to the buzz that the only reason she gets this push is because the WWE wants her to beat her dad’s record for titles won. Whether there is truth to that or not, Charlotte seems to find herself in the title hunt even when there is no reason for her to be there. 

SummerSlam saw her face to face with the Legend Trish Stratus in one of the better SummerSlam matches. However, the hype made her match overshadow the two women’s title matches on the card. This to me makes the other women on the Raw and Smackdown roster look like they don’t belong since Charlotte gets on the card regardless of her having a title or not. 

Survivor Series Charlotte lead Team Raw to a narrow victory before going down to Ripley and Team NXT. Lynch, Bayley and Shayna Baszler main evented the card. But Ripley’s amazing week with wins over Charlotte and Sasha took a lot of the headlines and gave the NXT women a lot of positive buzz. 

The Royal Rumble saw the NXT women come out strong with Bianca Belair and Baszler both eliminating a record number of women eliminated 8 women. Yet, the win was bestowed on Charlotte. Here begins the second set of problems and a whole lot of second guessing. Rumors had Baszler winning this match and Vince changing it to Charlotte. The question is, why? 

Charlotte took her time picking the belt she wanted to go after. When she made her choice NXT champ Ripley was in her sights. Ripley seemingly was seeking out Charlotte for a WrestleMania match. But when all was said and done Charlotte beat Ripley to become a two-time NXT champ. This left a lot of people scratching their heads knowing just how deep the NXT women’s division was. 

The new title led us to Charlotte appearing on Raw, Smackdown, NXT, rinse and repeat several times over. The problem again, why she needs to be on TV every show, week after week. Even with Cena and Reigns we might have gotten them on Raw and Smackdown we didn’t get them three times a week in multiple segments. 

Charlotte finally dropped the NXT title to Shirai which means the NXT women will get a chance to shine again without the shadow of a main roster player lingering and taking time for one of the women on NXT to get a chance to shine. 

Charlotte then comes out and says she is on every show because she is the hardest worker in the WWE. Wow, that’s a pretty bold statement. A lot of these women that aren’t seen week in and week out are posting workout video’s, training just as hard if not harder and still not getting even a cameo in the crowd at Raw, Smackdown, 205 Live, Main Event or NXT. 

I get Charlotte busts her tail to get what she wants and keep herself near the top of the ladder. However, there are other women working just as hard . To claim being the hardest worker has to piss some of her peers off both in and out of the ring. Especially when there is 7 hours of content that the WWE shows ever week and Charlotte was getting more than her piece of the pie and then some for no reason. 

Hopefully now that she no longer has the NXT title she stays on Raw and doesn’t dethrone Asuka anytime soon. In fact, to keep fans from really getting bad on Charlotte I recommend a rest and refresh period for her. It couldn’t hurt since she was on 15 straight shows without any R&R, Amazing isn’t it. That’s why people shouldn’t complain about Cena or Reigns being shoved down our throat all these years. 

If the WWE doesn’t heed the warning, Charlotte will easily be forgotten as the Queen and will just become Oversaturated Charlotte. Until next week, giving others the spotlight can be a good thing, M’Kay!

Mark Mahler is the Associate Editor of and the former Editor-in-Chief of Absolute Wrestling. Follow him on Twitter @MGoose37


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