KAYFABE THEATER: Tony Atlas has a Giant surprise for Bobby Heenan in Georgia

The Brain tells Gordon Solie that he's tired of people calling him a coward and he's ready to fight anyone, so Mr. USA calls his bluff

KAYFABE THEATER: Nick Bockwinkel talks about putting his title on the line against Bruiser...

The AWA World Heavyweight champion is scheduled to face the unpredictable Bruiser Brody in Houston, and he's none too happy about it...

ROAD STORIES & RIBS – 05.01.2018: All Roads Lead Home for Chillicothe’s Favorite Son

This week, Jim Phillips catches up with Bobby Fulton, who shared some funny and 'fantastic' stories, as he winds down a long, illustrious career

KAYFABE THEATER: “WE Want Flair??? I want Flair!”

Terry Funk does an interview with Paul E. Dangerously, and answers the chants of the fans

KAYFABE THEATER: Tony Atlas slaps Ric Flair!

When Tony Atlas comes out to ask for a world title shot, Ric Flair mocks him. So, Atlas paintbrushes the Nature Boy and demands that they fight.

KAYFABE THEATER: Jimmy Valiant Answers The One Man Gang’s $5,000 Bodyslam Challenge

WPCQ-TV: The One Man Gang & Oliver Humperdink say they will give five grand to anyone who can slam the big man & Jimmy Valiant comes out to challenge for it

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair comes to Georgia and confronts Tommy Rich

The NWA World Heavyweight Champion is in town, and he takes exception to the fact that Wildfire is giving his opinion about Flair's chances against Harley Race

TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY… MARCH 8th: The Samoans go Wild for the World...

1983 - The legendary Afa and Sika (the father of Roman Reigns) capture their third set of WWF tag team titles when they defeat Jules and Jay Strongbow

KAYFABE THEATER: Tully Blanchard reminds The Dream that Baby Doll can slap back

As the Bunkhouse Stampede approaches, Tully Blanchard is out to let Dusty Rhodes know that his valet knows how to handle her business, as well

TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY… FEB 20th: Backlund wins the Belt

1978 - Bob Backlund defeats Superstar Billy Graham in New York to win the WWWF Championship