KAYFABE THEATER: The Undertaker and Unabomb (Kane) face off in SMW

At Super Bowl Of Wrestling '95, The Undertaker travels to Smoky Mountain Wrestling to face off with his future 'brother' Glen Jacobs - then known as Unabomb

KAYFABE THEATER: Jim Cornette says Big Bubba Rogers will put Dusty Rhodes out of...

The 'Louisville Slugger' screams into the camera, and tells The American Dream that Mama Cornette's hired bodyguard is ready to send him in to retirement

KAYFABE THEATER: Chris Adams Wrestling School – TV Commercial

A late 80's television commercial for the wrestling school that produced Stone Cold Steve Austin, ran by "Gentleman" Chris Adams


At nearly 87-years-old, Pittsburgh's Rudy Shemuga began his career in the early 1950's, competing during wrestling's Golden Era as 'Steve Novak'

KAYFABE THEATER: The Horsemen talk about facing Nikita Koloff & Sting at The Bash

Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard tell David Crockett that when they go in to Baltimore to face The Russian Nightmare & The Stinger, they plan on coming out with the World tag team titles still intact

Tommy “Wildfire” Rich Looks Ahead to 2020

Cauliflower Alley Club lifetime member Paul Stratoti shares his experiences with "Wildfire" Tommy Rich