TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY… JULY 9th: The Bash at the Beach Incident

After Jeff Jarrett is ordered to lay down for Hulk Hogan and allow him to win the WCW World title, Vince Russo goes on a tirade and publicly fires The Hulkster

WRESTLING THEN & NOW – 07.08.2020

Acclaimed movie producer Evan Ginzburg looks at the potential Horsemen reunion in AEW as well as some 1980s-era WWF worth checking out

TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY… JULY 8th: Rey Mysterio, Jr. wins his first Cruiserweight...

The diminutive, young high-flyer from Mexico gets his first taste of WCW gold by defeating Dean Malenko on Monday Nitro

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair talks about the prestige of The NWA World Championship

The Nature Boy is out with David Crockett, and says his title belt shows the difference between the major leagues and the minors.

TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY… JULY 7th: The New World Order is Formed

In one of the biggest moments of all time, Hulk Hogan turns his back on WCW at Bash at the Beach, and reinvents himself as the leader of the New World Order

TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY… July 6th: Goldberg streaks to the Top of the...

WCW United States champion Bill Goldberg defeats Hollywood Hulk Hogan to capture the World Heavyweight title in front of a capacity crowd on Monday Nitro

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair comes to Georgia and confronts Tommy Rich

The NWA World Heavyweight Champion is in town, and he takes exception to the fact that Wildfire is giving his opinion about Flair's chances against Harley Race

TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY…. JULY 5th: Williams & Gordy capture the WCW Tag...

The Miracle Violence Connection - Terry Gordy and Dr. Death Steve Williams - defeat The Steiner Brothers to win the WCW World tag team championship

KAYFABE THEATER: Sting & Nikita are ready for the Horsemen

1988 - Sting talks with Jim Ross, saying he's tired of The Horsemen's tactics, and Nikita Koloff says he'll be there to have his tag team partner's back


The massive double cage concept - the brainchild of booker Dusty Rhodes - makes its debut in Atlanta on Independence Day