LAST WORD ON SPORTS: EC3… The Bret Hart of Impact

With Ethan Carter possibly leaving the company, LWOS editor Jamie Greer looks at the legacy and mystery of EC3's tenure in Impact Wrestling


The innovative veteran joined Impact's weekly media tele-conference to discuss his career, why he chose to come to Impact, and his match at United We Stand

IMPACT Wrestling’s ‘OPERATION: OVERRIDE’ will take place in Oklahoma

IMPACT Wrestling will present a pair of live specials in Oklahoma this September in partnership with Jerry Bostic’s World Class Revolution 

IMPACT: Eddie Edwards vs Sami Callihan | UNSANCTIONED FIGHT This Thursday on Impact on...

A video preview of the latest chapter in the war between Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan, taking place this Thursday with no ropes, no ring & no rules

THE RHODES SCHOLAR – 11.09.2017: Slow Burning

New Japan Pro Wrestling has shown the ability to light a fire and let the heat build- a practice other organizations should follow more often

IMPACT: Johnny Impact vs Brian Cage vs Killer Kross vs Moose: World Title |...

The IMPACT World Championship is on the line in a COLOSSAL main event as Johnny IMPACT takes on Moose, Killer Kross and Brian Cage in a four-way battle

THE POWER OF THE PIN – 07.26.2018: Sculpted for Success

Blessed as a wrestling prodigy and third-generation star, Tessa Blanchard's focus and determination are the most important factors in her rise to superstardom

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: The Top 10 Women’s Wrestlers of the Year columnist Justin Barrasso looks back at the biggest year in the history of womens wrestling, and breaks down the top performances of an amazing 2018

IMPACT WRESTLING PRESS CONFERENCE – 01.11.2018: Don Callis & Scott D’Amore

Hours after heading their first Impact TV Taping, Scott D’Amore and Don Callis spoke with the media at the weekly IMPACT Teleconference on Thursday morning

THE IMPACT LOUNGE: 10 Ways to Fix Impact Plus & Twitch Specials (Part 1)

IMPACT Wrestling has some great monthly content on IMPACT Plus and Twitch but there is a lot of room for improvement to make these 'must-see' shows