THE BOOKING REPORT – 04.04.2017: The WWE Title

By The Vacant Champion, staff writer, TheGorillaPosition 04.04.2017  Wait, Rob Zombie isn't booking matches for WWE? Then I demand an explanation for the Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton feud! We had a supernatural bad guy and...


Killer Kross was the special guest on the weekly Media Teleconference to discuss his career and his new partnership with Moose and World Champion Austin Aries

IMPACT – 12.17.2019: Tessa Blanchard & Sami Callihan Throw Down in WILD Brawl!

Sami Callihan attempts to 'expose' Tessa Blanchard ahead of Hard To Kill, but once she hits the ring, the scene devolves into an epic street fight for the ages

IMPACT WRESTLING: BOUND FOR GLORY 2017 – Results, News & Notes

A quick rundown of Impact Wrestling's signature event of the year, broadcast live from the Aberdeen Pavilion in Ottawa

WOMAN ON FIRE – 11.21.2018: It’s All About The Merchandising

Columnist Kim Artlip discusses the value of proper branding for a pro wrestling promotion, and how fans support those companies by wearing their unique designs

THE CASUAL SHEEP – 05.19.2019: The Female Evolution is Over? Get Real.

Despite some bad booking and bad decision-making in WWE, columnist Mark Mahler writes that the best is yet to come for Women's Wrestling


Bruce Prichard & Dutch Mantel addressed the media on Wednesday and discussed the current direction of the GFW

THE POWER OF THE PIN – 01.14.2019: So Fresh & So Clean

Fueled by box office buzz and billionaire backers, All Elite Wrestling will likely come as a breath of fresh air for the pro wrestling fan base in 2019

AMBITION OVER EVERYTHING… An Interview with Sami Callihan

As he prepares to face Brian Cage for the Impact World title at Bound for Glory, The Draw shares his thoughts with

IMPACT WRESTLING PRESS PASS – 11.20.2018: Johnny Impact

Johnny IMPACT was the guest this week, discussing his time on Survivor, and his showdown with Brian Cage at Impact Homecoming on January 6th in Nashville