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Columnist Kim Artlip discusses the value of proper branding for a pro wrestling promotion, and how fans support those companies by wearing their unique designs

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By Tony Cline, Staff Writer TheGorillaPosition.com   This weekend the WWE put on their best event of the year, and it did not disappoint. It had a Match of the Year candidate, a card that exceeded expectations,...

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Ignite Wrestling promoter Kim Artlip contemplates how the new focus on womens competition from WWE will have a ripple effect on its indy counterparts

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Third-generation star Tessa Blanchard captures the Knockouts Championship in a triple threat matchup against Su Yung and Allie

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Brian Cage's path to stardom in Impact Wrestling is a unique combination of global marketing and original booking that mirrors the company itself


The innovative veteran joined Impact's weekly media tele-conference to discuss his career, why he chose to come to Impact, and his match at United We Stand

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