BLEACHER REPORT: Undertaker to Appear at Starrcast II

The Deadman will be making his first non-WWE booking appearance as part of the Starrcast II festivities in Las Vegas in May

IMPACT Wrestling Partners with RISE to Develop Female Talent and Original Content

Impact announces a partnership with Illinois-based RISE to host seminars, with a focus on developing women’s professional wrestlers

Pro wrestler’s criminal past puts Florida high school event in question

A performer's surprising legal troubles may shut down a show that has been running regularly at Ft. Lauderdale area high school

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Ivan Koloff & Mr Saito win the Florida Tag Team titles from Rocky Johnson & Pedro Morales, and then talk about their victory with Gordon Solie

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There are a number of creative and helpful ways that members of a wrestling promotion can act as good citizens in their community

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There's no way Joey Janela should've made it, but through personal sacrifice and calculated risks, he's become a cult icon in wrestling