ROAD STORIES & RIBS – 02.05.2019: When Real Heat Boils Over

This week, we look at the real-life blow-up that occurred on 'The Monte & The Pharoah Show' between the hosts and their in-studio guest, former Rocker Marty Jannetty

TURNBUCKLE TALK – 08.20.2019: Your Results May Vary

This week, Joe & Karl discuss the 'Road to All Out' YouTube series, Orange Cassidy in AEW, technical issues during the SummerSlam show & more

THE SIGNATURE SPOT – 02.07.2019: The Best & Worst Elimination Chamber Moments

Highlights from the week, AEW updates, a potential Superstar Shakeup in April, Seth Rollins injured and we relive the best and worst moments from Elimination Chamber history with Kyle Scharf

TURNBUCKLE TALK – 02.05.2019: We Headbang Our Way Into The Mosh Pit With Madd...

Big Joe sits down with special guest host the acclaimed Ric Vickrey of The Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast to discuss a handful of topics and an interview with Madd Maxx Morrison

TURNBUCKLE TALK – 12.25.2018: A Christmas Special

On this very special holiday episode, Joe and Karl celebrate Christmas by breaking down the good, the bad, and the ugly that was the year of 2018 in the world of professional wrestling

The HITTING THE MARKS podcast – 01.08.2018: Monday Morning Muse & Notes

El Capitan & RBV are back, with all the their thoughts from across the professional wrestling world over the weekend

THE AVERAGE MARKS PODCAST – 09.09.2018: Episode #43

Mikey & Patrick will talk about their upcoming Hell In The Cell PPV battle with Pro Wrestling Scorecards, All In, Brock Lesnar's UFC contract status and more!

THE J & K PODCAST – Episode #52

Joe and Karl talk about Ronda Rousey signing her WWE contract, Brock Lesnar no-showing at both the Chamber and Raw, John Cena, WrestleMania and much more

TURNBUCKLE TALK – 07.21.2020: Having An Eye For The Business

Turnbuckle Talk goes in on both major wrestling pay-per-views from this weekend PLUS an exclusive on the future of from Ryan K Boman


The boyz from the Bayou are back with a NXT/Survivor Series Recap, XFL Cities Leaked, an interview with Robyn Nelson & more!