THE SIGNATURE SPOT – 06.26.2019: The OVW Experience and Fyter Fest Predictions

Fyter Fest predictions, a full recap of WWE Stomping Grounds plus a first-hand account of the entire OVW experience from the Gorilla Position’s Michael Melchor.

THE MY 1-2-3 CENTS PODCAST – Episode 218: Help Wanted

Host Kevin Hunsperger talks some professional wrestling and announces some changes coming to the show in 2019

The HITTING THE MARKS podcast – 11.16.2017: EPISODE 12

On today's episode, Ric and Jargo jump into the Red & Blue brands respective "Go Home" shows as we head to Survivor Series this weekend in Houston


The road has finally come to a close, and Ric and Jargo travel through the last few steps... the WWE WrestleMania and NXT TakeOver New Orleans "go home" shows

GOING HOME – 10.06.2018: The Improv Episode

On this week’s show, The Gorilla Position Editors Ryan Boman and Michael Melchor talk about the lack of spontaneity in pro wrestling

Mark Out Mania – Episode #17

Ryan, Patrick, Brink, & Cruz discuss all things about the WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 pay per view, and they' go through their scorecards for the event

The HITTING THE MARKS podcast – 12.21.2017: Bow to the Princess

Ric & Jargo are back with Episode 17 of the Hitting The Marks Podcast, talking all things Red & Blue and giving their way-too-early WrestleMania predictions

THE HITTING THE MARKS PODCAST – 09.21.2018: Cleveland Rocks

Coming off a huge Browns victory, Ric and Jargo return this week to relish all things Cleveland, and talk a myriad of pro wrestling topics

GOING HOME – 08.03.2018: ‘Google-Plex’

On this week’s episode, The Gorilla Position Editors Ryan Boman and Michael Melchor discuss the strange items that wrestling fans search for on the internet

HTM SPORTS – 01.15.2019

Jargo & RBV are back, talking the NFL Playoffs, the NBA mid season update, and... down go their beloved Duke Blue Devils.