GOING HOME – 02.05.2020: Pleading the Third

'Going Home' returns after a long hiatus, with TGP Editors Ryan Boman and Michael Melchor discussing some recent wrestling topics and asking who the third largest promotion in America is right now

THE HITTING THE MARKS PODCAST – 02.01.2020: Now Serving…Shit On A Shingo

It's a Super Sized Weekend with Brews, Food, Puppies and Some Big Football Game so Why Not Toss in Some Outlandish and Opinionated Pro Wrestling Chatter from #DemHTMBoys...


Nick & Myron share their thoughts on Royal Rumble weekend, Edge's emotional return, Marty on a mission in ROH, and more!

TURNBUCKLE TALK – 01.28.2020: On The Edge Of Greatness

Big Joe is joined by Ric Vickrey to talk about AEW on the high seas, the return of Edge, the future of Killer Kross and much more!


The guys return to discuss All Elite Wrestling getting an extension with TNT and adding another show to the family of networks, Impact Wrestling's current programming, WWE Royal Rumble, Georgia Indie Talk, and more

TURNBUCKLE TALK – 01.21.2020: Everything Sucks Except For Betty White

Big Joe and head of the HTM Podcast Network Jargo sit down for 150th edition of the Turnbuckle Talk podcast

THE HITTING THE MARKS PODCAST – 01.18.2019: Sorry, Not Sorry

It might be devastatingly frigid in the American heartland but #DemHTMBoys are bringing the heat when it comes to the week's pro wrestling hot topic issues

THE ‘B’ SIDE – 01.16.2020: Twitch Bans Impact, Tessa Drama, Cage to AEW?, &...

BQ flips things over to the 'B-SIDE' and discusses the situation regarding Impact Wrestling's Twitch channel, the controversy surrounding Tessa Blanchard, and the ups and downs of Hard to Kill

TURNBUCKLE TALK – 01.14.2020: MarktardMania Running Wild

Joe & Karl are back with an interview with Dusty Gold, plus WrestleMania talk, Edge's possible return, and much more!

THE HITTING THE MARKS PODCAST – 01.13.2020: Living Outside The Bubble

Tessa Makes Headlines & History. Scrull of Honor. Back to Blackpool w/NXT UK. Remembering Two Legends. Raw vs. CFP. Cody the Coward. Plus Much More.