KAYFABE THEATER – 05.23.2017: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Owen Hart – Survivor Series...

Austin puts his neck on the line for a shot at revenge and the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

Taking a Look Back at Backlash 2017

Examining the fallout of the weekend in Chi-Town.


1984 - Cyndi Lauper arrives in Piper's Pit to confront Captain Lou Albano, and her appearance lights the fuse for the rock 'n' wrestling explosion

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“Pretty Boy” Doug Somers passes away

Former AWA star sadly gone at the age of 65.

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Wrap your arms around this idea for WWE's resident hugger.

KAYFABE TV – 04.20.2017: WWF ‘Saturday Night’s Main Event’ May 27, 1989

Featuring Hulk Hogan vs. The Big Bossman in a steel cage!

CLIPPED: Alberto El Patron Shoots on WWE during drunken periscope rant

He and Paige continue to make headlines with their version of "crazy love".

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The fireworks were flying when the master of the Diamond Cutter got upset with the ESPN host