Cauliflower Alley Club Seminar – 2011

By Paul Stratoti, Contributing Writer & Lifetime Cauliflower Alley Club Member


April 18, 2011 at the Gold Coast in Las Vegas, NV

Cheerleader Melissa and Karl Lauer greet us stragglers to the reunion.

raffleDarlin’ Dagmar in all her CAC glory.


12:00 pm – 6:00 pm:

Nostalgia displays and Memorabilia Sales were taking place in the Nevada Ballroom.

2:00 pm – Sassy Stephie visited the Gold Coast en route to the Future Stars of Wrestling live action card immediately following the wedding of Tanya Lavine and Sean Dunster who themselves were competing in the Main Event Intergender Match later that evening. Thank you Stephanie for fulfilling my dream for your CAC appearance from last year where no matches ever took place. In a way I had my cake and ate it too this year thanks to you.

CAC President Nick Bockwinkel and Ted DiBiase Sr. chat.


3:00 pm

During this time I noticed the photo credentials of Pro Wrestling Illustrated photographer Scott Romer who agreed to gives us a few lines:   

“As the former son-in-law of Dick “the Bruiser” I was manager Saul Creachman for his WWA promotion. That name was created as an honor to two of my earlier favorite wrestling managers Saul Weigeroff and the late Eddie “the Brain” Creachman. For Powerbomb Championship Wrestling – TV in Detroit I managed Andy Chene when he was champion.”

Evangelina: “Hellfire and brimstone, everyone is going to hell here!”

Butcher Paul Vachon

Darlin Dagmar and Joyce Paustian chat while Karl Lauer looks on.

4:00 pm – Dunster/Levine Wedding in the Arizona Ballroom foyer.

5:30 pm – Mr. & Mrs. Dunster, having already gotten married, have packed their gear ready for battle against Jerry “the King” Lawler’s ex-wife and her new husband SINN.

Now it was time to attend the off campus live wrestling card that would be the catalyst for the crowning of this year’s Future Legend Award.

During this time one of Cleveland, Ohio’s top wrestling fans, Prince Romp, began to complain that he was unable to secure a bus ride to the FSW matches during the first wave that he already had purchased his ticket to. Being a disabled Vietnam veteran, he felt the need to secure a front row seat and he was even willing to pay a little extra for the privilege of riding in the first wave. A lifetime CAC member by the name of Jeff interceded on behalf of the promoter but to no avail. I too tried to calm him down but Romp tends to have a lot of anxiety. He couldn’t stop complaining and as a result somebody who didn’t know this called him an asshole for his constant complaining which only served to flare up his anxiety even more. I can attest that Romp, who usually spends more money that most fans on merch, meant no harm to anybody. He is just a whiner…Little did Mr. Romp know that the guy who called him an asshole was sitting at the banquet table next to ours.

Future Stars of Wrestling put on an exceptional card of live pro wrestling to benefit the CAC Benevolent Fund at 6:00 pm. shortly after which WWE Legend? Jake “the Snake” Roberts showed his #1 support for the cameraman as his go-between Shannon looks on. Midget “Big Unit” conducted a 10 bell salute for fallen comrades to open the program. Card and photos seen here.

8;30 pm – Meanwhile back at the Gold Coast, the 2011 kick-off began inside the Arizona Ballroom with cash bar and open mic.


April 19

9:00 am – Training Seminar 1 in Salon D:

“Faces, Heels, and Turns: the Psychology by JJ. Dillon and Dr. David Reiss

Seminar 1a)

JJ Dillon on Being a Successful Babyface

Dominic DeNucci sits in the front row and Lord Zoltan without his make-up sits in the back. This “old school” trait is inherent in true followers of the game. They may have traveled to Vegas together but that was it. They kept the tradition of kayfabe intact and that is important today now more than ever.

I first started out as a fan on Thursday nights in the mid-1950s where stars such as Antonino Rocca and Karl Von Hess were performing and where working in pro wrestling became my dream. Karl would never sign an autograph as he was a heel’s heel.

“I pursued that dream of working in the business and got my start in the Pittsburgh area in 1970. My mentor was Eddie Graham and during this time the Funks and the Briscos fought all over in different locations…”My first match was a 6 Man Elimination Match where it was an honor to be in the ring with Dominic DeNucci (who was in attendance during this CAC seminar).

“Months before my 29th birthday I wrestled Gene Anderson for the first time. Having had that experience as a babyface helped me get a better understanding of the business…Tex McKenzie was a tall and lanky babyface who would trip, stoop, and then put his hat back on. The fans loved it.


“My first time seeing the original Destroyer was in ’74 or ’75 in Japan where he got his tooth knocked out when he fought Pak Song. Destroyer wore that mask everywhere in public and in restaurants. He would carry on a conversation in Japanese and he became loved for it. In time, the Japanese fans respected him.”

Dick the Bruiser

“Because of his longevity Dick turned into a real babyface.”

Abdullah the Butcher

“He never said a word. He had that big fork, that was it.”

“Dick Murdoch was a fine example of why a wrestler should not go into bars… Your job can be at stake. He made people believe that ”He kicked mine so just think what he can do to you!'”

“While a title may not mean anything anymore, the temporary suspension of belief can still apply today. You don’t have that fan longevity as you did before. There is nothing of substance to bring the fans back to Madison Square Garden every 3 weeks.”

10:00 am – 4:00 pm in Nevada Ballroom – Cribbage Tournament begins.  



JJ: “Some of the faces were the biggest assholes and I really loved being a heel at the time.'”

“You have to stay in tune with the times. Everybody was so giving and it was a great time.

“Today you don’t have a great talent depth…Look at the Rock’s intro. His family decided to call him Rocky Maivia…and he had to be re-introduced.

…and I still hear the push for John Cena…Why? I don’t think that there is an answer. Somewhere along the way the importance of logic got lost. What you did on the town … WWE wants to be an action soap opera.”

Strat: From a reporting context should I refer to WWE in WWWF or WWF terms for its history content?

JJ: “It really doesn’t matter and I really don’t care.”

Dr. Reiss – Who Hasn’t had someone turn on us?

Dr. David Reiss on the CM Punk character:

  “How do you have your kids come to a show and boo the gut who is campaigning against drugs?

True Fan

– The adult who wants to be a fan gets emotionally attached and buys tickets. This kind of fan does not necessarily relevant to kids and young teens.


– Punishment and revenge against the unjust.

– Blood-lust, sadism, masochism.

Unconscious Motivation

– Wish to be indestructible and all -powerful. (aka omnipresent).   

– Wish to join an “extended family”. 

– Unconsciously reliving and reworking childhood emotions including feelings of helplessness and fear. 

Basic Dynamics

– All people begin with helplessness and fear.

No matter how healthy and mature a person is there always remains memories of fear.

Unique Wrestling

– An intense portrayal of danger and power.

– Intermingling humiliation and victory…fear and comfort.

– Offering alliance(s) with invulnerable heroes.

– Nether heel or face is expected to permanently be defeated.

– Unending

Fan Reactions

– Psychology that goes back to toddler and psychology that goes back to 10 – 25 year old youth shows the emotional development within our culture. Total personal power is unrealistic but there remains a wish for a sense of security and power to be obtained.


– A successful turn creates a powerful emotional experience for the fans it connects with his or her actual life experience(s). Some turns occur by adopting a new ring persona. A good example of this is Randy Orton.”

NOTE: Randy’s father “Cowboy” Bob Orton was in attendance also during this year’s reunion.

– A previous hidden aspect emerges…and subtle change reawakens powerful childhood experiences such as coming to terms with one’s parents.


– Wrestling gives a powerful voice to childhood experiences. Drama provides a release…

11:00 am – Robbie Ellis hosted the showing of his movie “Canvassman” in Salon D.

1:00 pm – Al Burke conducts Seminar 2

– Beyond Wrestling: Acting, Commercials, Stunt work & More 

Chances are you’ve seen “Mr. Outrageous” Al Burke on television but may not know it. During this seminar that he conducted he seemed to be encouraging students to get into acting as an extra potential money making art form to supplement their wrestling career which “in the states pays more.”


As the class began the movie Canvass man was playing and Mr. Outrageous had this to say:

“I’d like to gainfully be the agent who will get the interested party to the right source or situation.

“I was a baby face because of the movie where my job was to beat up and kill Mexicans…Eric Bischoff…would never fight me because I was a heavyweight and he was a lightweight…He was my BIOTCH!”

“If you want to go the agency route pick about 8 – 12 agents and ask if they are accepting people like you. Wait a couple of months and be persistent. Do it over if you don’t get a response and remember this, once you get your agent it gets harder.”

My advice is work, work, work, hustle, hustle, hustle!  Take everything that you want to get your hands on. You want to have them see you because it really is about who you know.

“I worked for about 4 or 5 years for WWE… “The ground is unforgiving… Maintain… If you don’t like what you’re offered think ‘I’m more than that’ but take what you can get for the moment. It’s all a work…We become whores…We’ll get somebody to wear that dress… If you are not willing to get naked, don’t do it. It’s hard for us in the business to go to a movie and actually enjoy that movie because we are constantly doing all those angles and things that we live in that setting.”

Mr. Burke went on to speak of putting together great promo packages and for those who may be interested further gave out contact information.

3:00 pm – Angelina Altishin conducted the final seminar of the day, “Facebook – Branding, Building & Networking”, an in-depth look at how it effectively can be used to promote your wrestling career.

After the seminar the Masked Super Tramp began to rumble with another wrestler in the Arizona Ballroom foyer as sown here after which they made up.


6:00 pm – Baloney Blowout in Arizona Ballroom.

Jim Ross and Ricky Steamboat


Cash bar open.

Terry Funk toasts the Strat camera as fellow photographer Wayne Palmer who is standing next to world renown photographer George Napolitano looks on.

7:00 pm – Paid up guests enjoy the first dining experience of elaborate salad bar and cold cuts.

8:00 pm – Awards Ceremony


April 20, 2011

9:00 am – Dr. David Reiss & Ted DiBiase Sr. conduct Seminar #2 of Faces, Heels and Turns.

Ted DiBiase comments on Abdullah the Butcher and TNA Wrestling:

“Abdullah hasn’t been on TV for 20 years. He obviously did something right because he is constantly being booked.”

“TNA is going to change their name now. They have some of the biggest run down names in the business. I hate them.”

10:00 am – Cribbage Tournament continues and ends at 4:00 pm

10:30 am – Surprise Seminar conducted by EVP Karl Lauer on Selling shows:

CAC Executive Vice President Karl Lauer, who has for 20 years been a promoter in Hawaii, Nevada, Missouri, and California opened the seminar by asking, “How did everybody like the Baloney Blowout last night?

[The students gave a few favorable comments before Mr. Lauer continued on]

Karl: For those of you who may not have known this, the Baloney Blowout was developed in recognition of those wrestlers who mercilessly couldn’t afford to eat at restaurants while on the road going from city to city to wrestle their matches. Wrestlers didn’t make much money back in those days and they used to pack baloney sandwiches some times to save on money as the price of gas ate away at some of their earnings.

“The first thing Johnny Ace (WWE talent relations) always asks is, ‘How are you going to make me money?”

“To be successful in this business show how you can sell, show interaction with the fans and pass out business cards. The promoters are going to ask who trained you.  When they ask what is the secret to being a great wrestler tell him to make your opponent look good because that tells that you are a team player. As for my purpose at looking at a wrestler as a potential employee is that I want every woman to want to take you home.

“Harley Race does only high schools now and he is successful.  My policy is, “May I meet with your Booster Club – here’s my package.”

“Don’t book on the 5th or the 10th because at those times nobody has money. Schools are hurting these days so show them how they will make $1000.00. Work with fundraisers and do it once a year.

“Promo packages may be kept on file for 13 years… Flying yourself in is a great way to get noticed.

During this time I asked Mr. Lauer how I might may be able to further contribute to the CAC cause. He stated that he has seen some of my work and suggested that I write an article or two for the Cauliflower Ear quarterly bulletin.

“As far as getting more involved a person needs to have been in club for minimum of 5 years and attended just as many banquets before he can be nominated for the Board or in a responsible position. We used to be more relaxed but found when the work began and out of pocket expenses happened they lost interest in a nonprofit nonpaying job.”

“Sell yourself first and forget about WWE and TNA. Harley Race brings entertainment that everyone can enjoy.

Why do 130 fans on average come to see an independent wrestling card? It’s because WWE lacks something for some people.

“I brought Harley Race into World Legion Wrestling as my booker. With my formula we made money.”

“Fridays and Saturdays are the 2 most competitive days to run wrestling cards. As you have seen people from all over the world came on down to the Baloney Blowout which was created by Nick Bockwinkel when he became our President.”

During this time Michelle Starr took the mic and had this to say:  

“I started out in the business as a ring boy…I currently promote All Star Wrestling in Canada.\…

“Promoters want to know that you are proficient in all aspects. Be precise on what you want. We need to know what your intentions are.

“Professionalism – that’s the key. Your promo package is your presentation so send us a letter of interest along with your DVD. This shows effort that you went to the post office and took the time to mail us something.

“We all know that we aren’t going to have outstanding gates. All promoters talk to each other so don’t send out 20 of the same e-mails to the promoters or your short-cuts will be noticed. Act as your own client and show who trained you.

“I want a physical package sent to me. I don’t want to be able to hit the delete button. Your best stuff should be in the first 3 minutes of a 10 minute DVD.”

Seminar 5 – Promote Yourself to the World by Honky Tonk Man


“Didn’t Mick Foley once say, ‘I can squeeze water out of an Abe Lincoln penny’? Well, I’m tighter than bark on a tree!


“Try to get an article and a photo of yourself into the wrestling magazines and always be well groomed for your interviews and photos. Good promotional photos are 300 dpi or better. Promo shots should be high gloss with a nice background. Make sure that you have a background that works for you. Promo shots are very important because you can hand them out to different promoters.

“Did you ever see a picture of Hulk Hogan with his hair messed up and not posing?

Take a look at this photo of me on the front cover. It was the first photo taken just before I won the Intercontinental title. You can see a black background, black hair and black eyebrows, so you can actually say that I did it before the Rock did.”

“In this business you have to calculate in order to percolate. You have to stir things up in order to generate the business and income for yourself.

“When I was in the business it was very hard without the internet. Ask others to put you on their Website. I don’t have internet and I haven’t had a real job in so long I don’t even know what it is like. I have to be in Syracuse tonight…We didn’t have cable TV at our house because I don’t pay for it…Check out internet radio shows and be a guest on them.

“Hurricanranas? I call it a 6 pack of Coronas. If you cannot say it then don’t try to do the move.

“I have my maxed out 5000 Facebook friends on my profile, in my personal account I have about 60 friends.”

“When you finally contact a promoter, volunteer. Tell him to have a newspaper call you. This shows that you are more than happy to work for him to draw attention to his promotion.

“Persistence really wears down resistance. Every time you keep on someone you are that much more likely to remain on his mind.

“The first time that I ever saw Eric Bitchoff he was in charge of WCW and he was handing out flyers. When I introduced myself he said, ’You know, I never liked your gimmick. The only reason that I’m bringing you in is to shut Jimmy Hart up.” He wanted me to job for Johnny B. Bad...When he asked if I worked for Vince McMahon I said yes I did and he paid me very well. You’re not Vince and you couldn’t hold my jockstrap! Arn Anderson then stepped in and asked what was going on…

“When you tell a promoter that you’ve been here, here, here, and here he may say, “Oh, you have? Where’s my proof? I asked this kid one time who trained him. He gave me an answer and I never heard of the promoter. He also said that he worked for WWE. I would have known.

“Make posters with your picture on it. Make copies and attachments of it. This shows the promoter that you have been working and have some experience. Back it up with factual info.

“Go out to the fan fests and comic book conventions. Get someone and set up a table somewhere. Have business cards made up. 1000 business cards at Staples go for about a penny a piece. My good friend Kenny over there (Lord Zoltan) goes around on weekends and tries to get people interested in wrestling.

“This business is very visual. Jimmy Hart was once on the Dick Clark Show one time when Dick said, ‘If you dress like the audience then you will be sitting in the audience’. The Promoter and the boys in the locker room don’t like you smelling up our environment. Our number one resource is water. Remember, cleanliness is next to Godliness. and have a positive attitude as word gets around and if the independent promoters don’t like something about you then you won’t be successful…and don’t go picking your nose on You Tube because if you do they got you doing it on camera!

“As a last resort, run a local show and have money on hand to pay the wrestlers. If you do the same thing then you are going to have the same results. Hard work, dedication, and desire sets the job done. Chase your dream! Also, don’t take a picture of yourself with me and say that you know me.”

3:00 pm in Salon D: Vance Nevada presents the final seminar: Promote Yourself Within the Organization


Vance: “Every time that I lost the belt I thought ‘Awesome, this guy is getting pushed!”

Referee Benny Diamond Interview:   [email protected]

Strat: Welcome to the 46th annual Cauliflower Alley Club celebration.

BD: “Thank you very much. As you can see I’m making a one of a kind collector’s item, two of them have been made already one for the Director and one for the Producer and I’m not making anymore… I’ve been coming here for the past four years.”

Strat: Do you have a favorite reunion over the others?

BD: “Every one offers a new and unique experience. This one was a joy to get with the GLOW girls!”


Salina’s daughter who was listening to us a few feet away yelled, “Yay!”

Strat: Where did you get your start with GLOW?

BD: “I got into it when I was doing concessions for GLOW and refereeing at the same time. I did some training for the girls in the high flying maneuvers and mostly how to get lift in the ring and getting up in the air whether it be from a Suplex or from being thrown off the top rope…It was always a great sell in the concession stands after the matches. The girls raided my stands just before the post-match meetings. I also did public service announcements. The GLOW arena was a great set-up with a 5 camera, 5 angle set up.”

Well then, what is your GLOW memory of All time?

BD: “When Beastie took me over the top rope and I took a bump into the arena bleachers towards some fans who were alert enough to move away. It was funny because beastie asked me if she hurt me. The bump was so good that it even convinced her.”

Honky Tonk Man then conducted the seminar “Promote Yourself to The World!” which was previously posted to the Gorilla Position Website

Super Tramp interview conducted by Paul Stratoti

“Since my Webmaster passed away about a year ago I met some guy from Portland, Oregon who says that he likes my “old school” past.

My first experience with wrestling was writing for Tommy Kay, Wrestling Review and Norm Keitzer.

Strat: Why do you wear a mask?

ST: “I was enthralled by watching the Destroyer on TV as a kid. That mystique of the mask and the man who would never take off his mask convinced me to wear a mask and by always wearing my mask I’ve noticed that people always followed me also.”

Strat: So is he your all-time favorite wrestling superstar?

ST: “Actually, that has to go to Moondog Lonnie Mayne. He lives in my heart. I love him and miss him dearly.”

My best friend in wrestling was “Cowboy” Tex Thompson from Portland, Oregon. He likes to do “old school” wrestling, a concept that a lot of kids today don’t quite get.”

“I am most happy to see Sgt. Slaughter receiving his award as we are friends from the old days. Boy, didn’t he have a big appetite as Bobby Remus.

“In my very first Canadian match I lost to Lumberjack Luke because he hit me over the head with a 2″ X 4”. My trainer was the 60s and 70s Mummy Benny Ramirez. He lived up in Canada where he said he was so damn cold that he had to keep warm with the Mummy outfit. He was so pleased with my performances that he ended up sending out letters of recommendation to the promoters who I wanted to work for.

I worked on cards up in Portland and in San Francisco with him.

Strat: How about those awesome FSW matches Monday night?

ST: “The matches were great. They flew people in from all over the US and I finally met “Bulldog” Rex Reed. It’s an excellent promotion and I have put in my bid to work the super-card next year around this time.

“My favorite Diva of all time is the late Penny Banner. She retired because to her the girls just were not tough anymore.

Of the modern era, my favorite Diva was Tori (not Tori Wilson). She was Scotty “the Body’s valet was a great technical wrestler and awesome for “Tough Enough”.

Veronica Vise was trained by Shimmer starlet “Gorgeous” Michelle Starr. She’s been in the business only four years and is incredible today. As for Awesome Kong she is the most precious asset on the WWE Women’s’ Division today. A real grappler, she cut her first WWE promo last week and is very scary.

When we lived in Vancouver, Washington we had a little rental house that was owned by in laws of the “old school’ pro wrestler Jack Kaiser. The house needed painting. As we were painting he told me that he was a pro wrestler. He came over every day where he would teach me holds and counter-holds. He was an old school Legend.

The first time I ever attended a live wrestling card it featured Dutch Savage vs Pacific Northwest heavyweight Champion Stan Stasiak. Dutch piledrove Stan outside of the ring. Blood went everywhere and I then decided that I wanted to do that to people.

The toughest man I ever wrestled was the Mongolian Stomper. He busted me open over my right eye and I still have the scar here to prove it.”


Kia Stevens owned her own company before reaching the age of 25 and has one of the longest lists of achievement of any female wrestler currently in the business. Currently known to the wrestling world as Awesome Kong, she is a former NWA Women’s’ Champion, former AWA Women’s’ Champion, a former two-time TNA Knockouts Heavyweight Champion, former TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion, former WWWA World Heavyweight Ladies Champion for the oldest active Ladies title in the world; All Japan Pro Wrestling as well as in several other independent promotions including Ring of Honor. She is known as Amazing Kong at Dory Funk Jr.’s Conservatory.

One of her dreams was to be the best woman wrestler in the world. This took her to Japan where she left, family, friends and country to pursue a full time wrestling career.

She attended her first Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion in 2009 where she wowed the membership committee by volunteering whenever and wherever she could. She has taken over the late Penny Banner’s drive to raffle off tickets for the CAC Benevolent Fund during our reunions. A superb motivation speaker, Kong conducted a seminar during last year’s reunion and received perfect 10 raving reviews among attendees.

On December 29, 2010 it was reported that Kong signed a contract to work for WWE, then known as World Wrestling Entertainment.  She has now been seen on short WWE RAW TV promo spots tearing female dolls into pieces while enjoying it.

Kong who has been a driving force in the wrestling community in raising funds for Haiti Relief Project was enraged by negative comments concerning that project by Bubba the Love Sponge.  She was reportedly sent home from the TV tapings following an altercation that had developed.  It was later reported that the same day as Bubba’s radio show, Stevens asked for her release from TNA but it was not granted.

After she refused to take part in TNA’s January 2010 tour of the United Kingdom, the company suspended her. The following month, Stevens filed a lawsuit against Bubba for an alleged threatening phone call and she was reportedly released from TNA on March 1st. On the 8 March episode of Impact! it was announced that Kong and Hamada were stripped of the Knockout Tag Team titles after allegedly failing to defend them in 30 days, even though their previous defense had come 21 days prior, against Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky.  On March 22nd, TNA confirmed Stevens’ release, while also claiming that she had requested her release due to personal reasons, however she later said it was due to monetary issues and recent changes to TNA management.

This year was no exception She drew in a lot of money in ticket sales where she raffled of a CAC 2011 Championship Belt. Many people were dropping 20 dollar bills to purchase twenty tickets. We at CAC wish her continued overwhelming success in her new tenure with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Seminar – Faces, Heels, and Turns: The Psychology

Ted DiBiase Sr.

Humility vs Humiliation

“Think, shoot, and work!

“When I’m going through that curtain I’m going to be the most arrogant SOB and I’m going to make you hate my guts…

“I carried myself the way that my Dad did. I would walk to the ring and let somebody just go off. Then I’d roll my eyes and by the virtue of my wealth regarded everybody as a peasant.

“I used to go back and forth to Japan all of the time where it was three quarters shoot. Today, besides NOAH, the wrestling business is dead in Japan. New Japan and Big Japan did great but today its bump, bump, bump and there is no storyline.

Wrestling as tradition has thrived because in a depressed economy the fans see themselves in the stars who get beat on, and beat on, and beat on and then they rebound.

The most underrated heel was Killer Karl Kox.

“It can be a lot easier. Bill Watts told me and Terry Gordy, ‘Go 59 minutes and give your all because the smarks will be angry.’ This shows that “old school” works.

“You lock up and do nice clean breaks. 15 minutes later you are back in the corner. One punch and the people want to come to the ring and kill me. I was setting the people up. That’s psychology. I showed them that I can be clean but I threw a short cut. That infuriated the fans.

“It’s not about the bumps. It’s about the story.

WWE – WCW Conversion

“There are a lot of anti-heroes out there. Eric Bischoff once contacted me to work for him. I told him, ‘Eric, you’re going to have to pay me… If you think that I’m going to walk out there with Hogan’s belt you’re mistaken.

“I get tired of looking for a good movie anymore. Why? Because usually it isn’t a good story.

Negative authority figure.

Matinee Idols

–          By its nature wrestling has a strong sex appeal to – both genders and the aesthetics of attractiveness.

Weasels and Manipulators

“When I was a heel nobody got tired of me getting my butt kicked. The only way that you can experiment and learn from others is in front of the crowd…Timing…and circumstances are everything. …Bill Watts will tell you that I was his catalyst. I studied Junkyard Dog and learned what he did do and didn’t do. His gift was his personality. Everybody wanted to see JYD kick my ass… It’s all ring psychology because you have to make them believe.

“Junkyard Dog was the best man in my wedding. When I turned on him it was my idea. I was using a loaded glove and with one punch, BAM! He was out.  One time just before our match I suggested that he turn a Buck spinning toe-hold into a Figure Four Leg lock. JYD then said, “No, I’m not going to do that…

“Sometimes being a good worker is a curse. If you want to be unique you have to figure out who you are. Be different and know what is going to set you apart. You have to learn to tell the story.

“The Diving Fist Punch that I did has messed up my arm now. I got it from Dick Murdoch. My son is doing it now. I warned him about it…

Shawn Michaels has a tremendous ring psychology. You learn this in the ring. You can’t learn this in school.


Strength, tenacity, pain tolerance invulnerability far in excess of what would be expected of a mere mortal… If you show some weakness or don’t destroy every protection or foe then you are not a monster.


Politically correctness vs politically incorrectness equals bringing out the best in the fan vs bringing out the worst in the fan.


Clownish in appearance and attire and a unique gimmick such as a side-kick or a 2” X 4”.

–          Cult-like allegiance

–          Taps into feelings of alienation as a misfit and transforms those vulnerabilities into strengths.



Inexplicable childhood terrors that lurks in the adult unconsciousness.  You’ll never tire of him getting his ass kicked.  Everybody admires the tough guy such as Steve Austin. Steve was the last guy I managed.

Don’t change anything or you’re not going to get over.  I believe that you are going to be the biggest star that the company will have.

It’s been a hard year for my son.  I didn’t like the idea of him having the belt and the girls. … If you were going to turn (the NXT thing) …Now that Randy is the babyface…?


– Clearly stands for the outlaw and sociopathy, but offers protection through their strength.

“I have issues with the moral point of view. I told Stephanie McMahon that I don’t want my kid identifying with that guy.

Massive Damage:

“Getting married to an awesome woman at the reunion in the afternoon and finally wrestling Sinn Bodhi (aka WWE’s Kizarney, aka “the original Synn) that evening”.  Sinn and I have been on a few tours together and have worked with a lot of the same Canadian talent like Christian Cage, Chi Chi Cruz, Joe E. Legend and Bobby Rude, to name a few. It was like we had wrestled 50 times before, as we wrestle very much the same style.  The reunions are always fun as you run into people you haven’t seen in years.  For me catching up with Buddy Lane, and Rick Martel was priceless!”



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