CAGESIDE SEATS: John Cena says a WWE heel turn ‘isn’t happening’


John Cena (mostly) exiting the main event, his 2015 United States Title Open Challenge run and the arrival of Roman Reigns as someone for half the fan base to really dislike are all factors in why calls for Cena to turn heel have quieted and mostly disappeared over the last few years.

But they’re never going to completely go away. And it’s possible some will find the Total Bellas-chronicled marriage drama with ex-fiancee Nicole to be a reason to boo Cena whenever he does return to the wrestling ring.

For now, he’s out in California promoting his role in the upcoming Transformers’ prequel Bumblebee at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). We’ll see Cena play a villain in that one when it comes out on Dec. 21, 2018, so naturally, the question of possibly playing one in WWE came up.

Don’t hold your breath, says The Face Who Used To Run The Place … Read the Full Story HERE

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