CLIPPED: ‘How The Unexpected Reality of Pro Wrestling Turned Me Into A Buddhist’




Every wrestling fan has to put up with it. The derision, the mockery, the condescendingly half-assed attempts to recall childhood memories of Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior doing battle in the squared circle. And that’s the thing: for most people, these remain tales of childhood, and not something one ought to be watching after the age of 16. If you do, there’s every suspicion you must be socially or mentally deficient.

Well, I’m 31, I have a PhD from Oxford University, and I love wrestling. I’ll leave judgements about my social skills to others, but I do have something to say about why it’s absolutely fine to watch pro-wrestling. In fact, being a wrestling fan teaches and reveals to you a lot about “real life”, including some surprisingly deep insights into human nature and psychology.

I’d been playing with these ideas on and off for a while, but things came together last year when I spent a month on a meditation course at a Buddhist monastery in Nepal. During a particularly repetitive lesson, I surreptitiously devoured the autobiography of Daniel Bryan – former WWE Champion.

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