A LITTLE FROM COLUMN B – 08.27.2018: Evolt-Shun

By Bayani Domingo, Associate Editor

The WWE is making history again (well, at least in their eyes) and putting together the first ever all female WWE Pay per View.  This has been covered in mainstream media, and the ‘E’ has gone through great lengths to promote the event.

Coincidentally, it’s also taking place during “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” and will likely feature the Susan B Komen Organization, it’s a great way to support a great cause that affects hundreds of thousands of women each year.  If you are a hardcore wrestling fans who isn’t excited and supportive of the “Evolution PPV”, then I’ve only got one thing to say to you…you’re not alone. The “Women’s Revolution” was always a farce. Long live the “Women’s Evolution”.

120_SD_11282017rf_0792--a117e02468a320e814d9639b5d80a00cA revolution is not sought through calm, measured, or sometimes peaceful means.  A revolution is achieved through force, insurrection, and the taking of power by any means necessary.  For as much as the “Women’s Revolution” was publicized, it was never really that. The women didn’t suddenly seize control of the WWE and force their way into the spotlight by usurping the roles held by men, they were merely allowed to do what the men had done for decades, namely main event the TV shows, and have their own gimmick matches like the Royal Rumble, Hell in a Cell, and MiTB.  It wasn’t domination, it was inclusion. Which is nice, but hardly revolutionary. That’s why the name “Evolution” is more apropos. An evolution is a slow build, a deliberate change that takes place over time in order for adaption to take place, typically a change that is necessary for survival. That’s what we have here, a women’s division that needed to change and develop to keep he attention of WWE fans as shows like 205 Live and NXT have grown in popularity.  But for some, it doesn’t feel like a slow and measured adaptation, it feels like an infomercial for Feminism rammed down their throats.

XMQiiGVS_400x400Right now, the “Women’s R/Evolution” in the WWE is like the first real sex you’ve had after a 6-month dry spell.  It came fast, furiously, and it’s probably going to last for around 5 minutes tops. Women in the WWE have had Blue Balls for past several decades and all at once it feels like it’s too quick, too soon.  That’s an analogy that most wrestling fans should be able to understand. The problem with repressing any movement for too long is that the release of that repressing feels very jarring and overwhelming. Had women been allowed to focus more on matches and in-ring performance than bra and panty matches and fighting over who gets to pose for Playboy next, then they would’ve slowly began the integration of this new more aggressive style and inclusion into more hardcore gimmick matches long ago.  

Unfortunately, until perhaps a year or two ago the WWE never had enough high work-rate, skilled wrestlers to even dream of putting on their own PPV.  It wasn’t as if there weren’t enough good women workers in the industry, it’s just that the E wasn’t putting match quality high on their priorities when it came to recruiting women.  Now suddenly, the E has a plethora of diverse female workers on their payroll, I’m just glad they finally have 4 back-up ex-MMA fighters on the bench in case Ronda Rousey gets hurt, I can’t imagine THAT gimmick is going to be oversaturated soon…*sigh*.  The WWF conditioned us to see women in wrestling as valets and sideshows. The WWE moved women into the Diva era and continued to propagate the idea of female wrestlers being eye candy first, with the occasional star possessing some modicum of athleticism or muscular physique.  Can you really blame wrestling fans for failing to take the women’s division seriously after they’ve been trained for decades not to do so?

stephanie-mcmahonColor me underwhelmed by this “historic” event.  Starting with the lead up to it, the way that the writers have dumped months of buildup and storylines to shoehorn Ronda Rousey into a championship and insert Stephanie McMahon into a rehashed “McMahon vs Champ” storyline that no one was asking for.  The WWE is making it seem like the women are finally getting their due after years of being treated like second class citizens, only to insert a rookie, a non-wrestler, and a retired Diva into 2 of the 3 highest profile matches on the card. So much for paying back all that hard work.  It’s no wonder that most of the women coming from NXT are so underwhelming and under booked when they make it to the main roster, the writers simply don’t know how to create a riveting storyline or craft a compelling feud that isn’t trite or rehashed from other failed angles. If it wasn’t for Charlotte vs Becky Lynch, the entire PPV would consist of: milquetoast Babyface, Mean Girl, Bully, and chick who dances during her entrance.  The spectacle of the event isn’t enough to sell me on the matches themselves.

I see on social media that a lot of men are firing back at the “Me Too Movement”, afraid that any little thing they say or do could put them in harm’s way and arguing that it’s now a “guilty till proven innocent” situation.  Granted it was always going to be a slippery slope, but what do you expect? For decades since women began entering the workforce they were largely forced to remain silent about the transgressions of men in the workplace, lest they lose their jobs, careers, and reputations.  Once the flood gates opened, it took down everything in its path. But this is merely a course correction, and I’m sure another one is due soon again.

93ad2a98f2fb87435bd47a77e89bde35It’s the same with the WWE, for so many decades the women were pushed to the side and used as window dressing, now that they are being exploited…errrr…I mean, promoted, it seems almost “too much, too fast”, and in some ways it is.  In fact, I’m sure there are a lot of fans hoping this will fall flat on its face so that things can go back to the way it was. Perhaps even some within the E as well. But, the idea of women gaining ground (though not yet equal ground) is an idea whose time has come, and perhaps is here to stay…for at least 1 month a year.  Perhaps this is a test, could we see an all-women’s show on The Network soon if this pans out? Who knows, but if you’ve seen most of the women in last year and this year’s MYC perform, you know there’s enough talent to put one together. Would it be successful? Maybe not, but as the E keeps trying to reach out to every corner of media, entertainment, and international opportunities, isn’t it more important to dip a toe in the water?  Besides, isn’t it going to be entertaining once we start seeing all these lawsuits come out against Vince McWeinstein in a couple of years. #WWEtoo

Column C

  • I know it’s Becky Lynch’s thing, but isn’t technically EVERY Irishman an “Irish Lass Kicker” when he’s drunk?  Or buzzed? Or…in Ireland?
  • Reportedly “The door is open” for a Brock Lesner return to the WWE after his UFC run.  Considering what his contract and schedule ended up after the previous negotiations it would appears it’s a “backdoor” that’s wide open.
  • The Shield officially reunited on RAW this week.  Which makes sense, when you break the stick off a shovel once you’re done burying something, doesn’t it look like one?
  • Poor Braun, I haven’t seen a “cash in” attempt so disappointing since my buddy finally got around to trying to use his Toys R’ Us gift cards…last week.  
  • It’s been reported that the WWE is in talks with Pentagon Jr and Fenix.  Unfortunately, those talks have been going through Vince McMahon and they keep getting hung up on whether the Lucha Bros are going to provide their own riding lawn mower or not for their entrance.
  • Impact Wrestling will be taping some shows in Mexico later this year.  The big Pro is that we may see some CMLL or AAA talent debut in an Impact ring for the first time.  The big Con is that all the entrance music has been remixed to feature French horns.
  • Pete Dunne vs Zack Gibson is the kind of arm, hand, and finger breaking melee that the WWE main roster really needs.  I haven’t seen that many useless digits since the last time a chick gave me her “phone number” in a bar. I was wondering why she only gave 6 numbers….
  • They are really putting Johnny Gargano through the ringer in this feud, he’s going to have to change his name to “Johnny Rehabbing” soon.  And if Tomaso Ciampa gains even an iota more Heat during this, they’ll have to change his nickname to “Climate Change”.
  • So…Drago knows how to use nunchuks now?  He’s a…Mexican wrestler, who knows how to use Japanese Karate weapons?  Odd. I wanna see NJPW use this tactic and see a match where Naito and Ibushi bust out….ummm….I dunno… what’s the most dangerous thing a Mexican can use on you?  A tub of mayonesa that’s been out in the sun all day from the Elote man?
  • Ricky Banderas has now murdered someone on LU after being told to by a possessed doll.  And I thought “Little Johnny” was a deranged son of a…
  • I think Pentagon Dark finally figured out a fool proof way to break “The Machine”, wait a day until after the warranty has run out.  Goddamn printer!!
  • Now that Pentagon Dark has won titles in all of these promotions, you’d think he’d graduate to the ranks of the Heavyweights from the “Juniors”, I mean, isn’t a “Dark” usually a lot more full bodied?
  • It’s nice that Matt Sydal’s 3rd eye has finally resulted in his 1st W in a long time.  I’m still waiting for someone to hit him with a double “thumb to the eye”, only for him to continue wrestling unscathed until they hit the 3rd one.  
  • I don’t get how a Mexican Death Match can end in only a 3 count.  Shouldn’t Sami have had to put Pentagon down for waaaaay longer than that?  Even auto asphyxiation causes you to stop breathing for longer than 3 seconds…or so I’m told…when the paramedics came…
  • On the heels of the investigation by the Catholic Church, the WWE has announced they have launched an internal investigation into “Reverend D’Von”.  He better hope that his brother DOESN’T testifyyyyyy!!
  • After the title change on Smackdown, I believe we’ve finally found the weakness of Rowan and Harper.  The Bludgeon Brothers can’t bludgeon bruthas.
  • Now I know why Randy Orton the world champion so many times…no one wanted him to hand over the belt to them.
  • If Orton was going to steal the “Diamond Cutter” from DDP, he might as well have stolen his catchphrase, “Self.  Low. Five”.



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