BLEACHER REPORT: Creating a New ‘Paul Heyman Guy’ Could Be WWE’s Ticket to a New Megastar


Paul_Heyman_WrestleMania_32_AxxessWWE has a serious need: a new megastar who can carry one brand, if not two, as well as the company itself. 

WWE has a potential way to make it happen, too: Paul Heyman

The “Paul Heyman Guy” trope, like almost anything else in the WWE lexicon, has been thrown around entirely too much lately. It has indeed lost its meaning a little bit—but that doesn’t mean it can’t be of help here. 

And WWE has a big problem on its hands in the star department. Outside of perhaps Kofi Kingston, most of the current champions have a boring feel about them. And in the WWE titleholder’s case, it has taken booking him as ridiculously overpowered to make him interesting (seriously, think about the laundry list of names he’s defeated since becoming champ). 

Seth Rollins, for example, is still getting some reactions from live audiences but is mostly lost in the promo and character department. He’s been slammed into weird tag team feuds and… Read More HERE

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