BLEACHER REPORT: Critical Booking Decisions WWE Must Make at SummerSlam 2019


Charlotte Flair - B&W2

WWE staged a throwaway event in the form of Smackville on Saturday that had little value to it, but things will be very different when it comes to SummerSlam 2019 on August 11.

These are tough times for the company, with fans losing interest for the future despite this being one of the most exciting stretches of the year.

SummerSlam is arguably the second-biggest event of the WWE calendar and sets the tone for the next half of the season heading into WrestleMania 36. And with the upcoming SmackDown switch to Fox in October, it’s an even more important show than before.

This event will have more eyes on it than normal, so WWE must be wary not to screw things up. With the proper steps and a few strategic bookings, The Biggest Party of the Summer can be a huge hit.

Let’s break down some of the pitfalls WWE must avoid and the decisions that must be made to ensure SummerSlam is successful… Read More HERE

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