David Arquette has a bloody and bizarre finish in his match with Nick Gage


111718-david-arquette-primary-1200x630LOS ANGELES — A bloody deathmatch between actor David Arquette and Nick Gage ended in bizarre fashion Friday night at Joey Janela’s LA Confidential.

Arquette got up right after the three count and left the ring, no-selling the finish. He was clutching his neck for a few minutes and seemed to be bleeding from it, courtesy of multiple light tubes shattering on his head. Arquette was covered in glass at the end, with some shards sticking in him.

Afterward, while Gage was cutting a promo on Arquette — saying he should have expected such a bloodbath — Arquette came back out to the entrance area and cursed at Gage. It seemed to be legitimate heat and not something planned. The crowd at the end knew something was not right. The card, put on by Game Changer Wrestling, aired on pay-per-view at Fite TV.

The match was bloody and brutal. Gage put Arquette threw a door with a spear in the corner and hit the actor multiple times in the head with parts from that door. Arquette landed a plancha off the top on Gage and … Read the Full Story HERE

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