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By Lauren Conrad, Columnist

This is a break from the Weekly Pipebomb which will return to its regular status soon.  In the meantime, this news broke last night, and it had to be covered.

Last night, May 8th, 2020, the wrestling community breathed a major sigh of relief, and then proceeded to have one huge party that’s still going on this morning.  It was a monumental occasion, a shot heard around the world, to borrow a phrase.  What could have made everyone but a few sad sorry asshats rejoice?

Brad Shephard was fired.

That’s right, Brad Shephard, the biggest piece of shit in wrestling twitter, a man that was so hated that I don’t even give a shit if I’m spelling his name right or not, a man who boasted and bragged about being so popular that his most viewed blog was 9k, while the site owners was 125k, was fired.  IWC, rejoice.  He’s gone. 

The news broke last night, may 8th, and the news took a bit to get to twitter.  I personally found out around 9:40pm, and while at work, let out a rather loud “YES!”.  But not a Daniel Brian yes, sorry, just one singular joyous one.  My friend Jake Drury (Go follow him, @socksUnterShoes and no that’s not a misspelling, it is Unter) messaged me and told me the news.  I was quite ecstatic. 

You see, Brad holds a special place in my mind.  He actually helped me, indirectly.  See, when I worked for bodyslam.net, I had a large article submitted about Shephard and what an asshole he was, and a very detailed report about it at that.  I highlighted many reasons he should be disregarded as a source of news.  But then, much to my shock, I was told by Cassidy that my article was denied, and that since him and Brad were buddies, we could not write anything negative about him. 

Yes, that’s right, he censored journalism.  By that time, bodyslam.net was already in a downward spiral thanks to this Henry moron who could only print “Articles” with about 3 sentences highlighting Shephard and Meltzer, another piece of shit, but that’s for another time.  I got pissed and left, and since then have done quite well away from the burdens of being told I can’t write about someone.

Who’s laughing now?

Last night’s twitter celebration was highlighted with a diss track by the site owner himself, who I got to chat a bit with via twitter last night.  One of the things was Brad claiming he resigned.

“You wanna say you resigned?  But if you read the messages I told you buh-bye!”

The hilarious diss track went on to say things like “You got upset I called you out in front of the team?  That’s what leadership is!”

“You’re the most hated man on wrestling internet, which makes no sense because you get no clicks.”

I find it ironic that Brad, the man who basically claimed to be the Rovert of the IWC (Rovert is another piece of shit that thinks he’s the IWC Messiah.  He’s not.  He’s a little kid in moms basement) could only get 9k clicks on his best article.  Dude, all I have to do is write “Brad Shephard sucks dick for a dollar” and boom, 2.8 million clicks*. 

The highlight of the entire night was the breakout of TrevStone last night, who skyrocketed to fame last night.  I once called ProSportsExtra a rag, and a shitty publication.  When Brad was there, it was.  Today, I am happy to say that I see PSE getting big now that the most toxic name in all of the internet is gone.  TrevStone not only fired Brad, but even dropped a diss track?  Who does that?  TrevStone does.  You know when Duke Nukem says “I got balls of steel”?  I think he’s talking about Trev, because last night he proved he is NOT a man to fuck with.  From what I saw last night, he’s a fantastic person, until you piss him off and lie and try to claim you quit. 

Trev, a sincere thank you from the wrestling world here on Twitter.  We were so sick of his shit, and you came along like a knight in shining armor, or to modernize that, you came in like a man carrying a group through Ruby Weapon Savage and one-shotting it.  (Ruby Weapon Savage was Final Fantasy XIV’s hardest raid tier at the time of my leaving).  You have been elevated to IWC Messiah status.

I’m really looking forward to how PSE works from now on without the pool of filth writing for them.  I see big things for PSE, and I really want them to succeed.  Best of luck to you Trev, and if you want someone to write some articles for you now and then, hit a girl up.

*Please note that this is a vastly inflated number and nowhere near the actual

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