DEADPSIN: WWE Signing Stokely Hathaway Is A Sign That Wrestling Managers Are Back


When WWE announces a new class of signees for its Performance Center in the Orlando area, the notable names tend to go public in advance. WWE infamously instructs its incoming talent not to tell anyone, but those wrestlers still have to finish up their independent dates before joining the promotion, and that kind of disruption in the booking calendar sends a clear message. Last week’s announcement, though, was not the typical one.

While Impact Wrestling veteran Rob “Robbie E” Strauss was rumored to have been tabbed for months and the second generation wrestler/ex-UCF tight end Cal Bloom had attended December’s tryout camp, the third name in WWE’s small new class wasn’t on anyone’s radar. That would be independent manager Stokely Hathaway. He had no major storyline loose ends to wrap up on the indies and had otherwise done an exemplary job keeping his hiring secret, but not a lot of fans would have guessed that Hathaway would be part of the class. He’s a manager, after all.

Back in September, Hathaway finished up with WWE-affiliated feeder promotion Evolve just days before WWE introduced new managers on Raw, but did not show up in WWE. Nothing leaked out about what ended his tenure with Evolve after two years, and even the off-the-record rumor mill was quiet. There seemed a distinct possibility that he may have missed his window, but that’s clearly not the case. This is good news for Hathaway and probably also for WWE—he’s easily the best manager currently working in wrestling, and one of the the business’s biggest overall talents, period. But his signing also suggests also means that … Read the Full Story HERE


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