DEADSPIN: A.J. Styles’s Weird Right-Wing Web TV Appearance Went About As Well As Could Be Expected


AJ_Styles_stat--37783c9a172ebc7416045d07b87b8b26On Monday, the self-described “conservative comedian” Steven Crowder tweeted out the guest list for his online talk show, Louder With Crowder, which streams on the Glenn Beck-owned BlazeTV. There is no reason any person should care about this beyond the fact that, among those guests, was the WWE star A.J. Styles. Wrestling Twitter instantly filled with grim speculation about how exactly this would turn out.

This was mostly because Styles is both a brilliant wrestler and kind of a weird guy. He’s not a flat-earther, for instance, but he does somehow believe the Flat Earth Society about a bunch of other things. He was also one of the various white wrestlers shown busting a gut at Kid Rock saying he wanted to “slam some Democrats” at last year’s Hall of Fame ceremony while the Indian-Canadian Singh Brothers looked like they wanted to die. He also had a habit of regularly using the word “faggot” throughout his entire pre-WWE career , was dismayed by his following in “THE GAY COMMUNITY?!?,” and once said on a hot mic that “since [The] Rock’s not black or white, people like that can say ‘nigger’ whenever they want.” In short there was plenty of reason to expect a disaster, and while it didn’t get that far, it did get far enough to be concerning.

Nothing that A.J. said in the interview was controversial or even especially distasteful, especially considering that the segment came directly out of a promo clip for Crowder’s t-shirts, including one that says “SOCIALISM IS FOR F*GS” with an image of a fig where the asterisk appears and an … Read the Full Story HERE



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