DEADSPIN: The New Streaming Series Dojo Pro Is Binge-able Pro Wrestling Done Right


Pro wrestling has become a popular staple of the streaming scene as streaming has become an authentic challenge to broadcast television, but never truly in a way that varied from how wrestling has worked on TV in the past.

Streaming wrestling content has, to this point, generally played out as traditional television episodes with end-to-end cards—if it wasn’t a weekly television show with commercial breaks intact, it was usually a lengthy pay-per-view event or a similar style card from a smaller promotion. There hadn’t really been anything released in and produced for the binge-watch format that has helped make Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon into streaming juggernauts. WWE came closer with last year’s Mae Young Classic women’s tournament, but only a few episodes of that were released at a time and were decidedly traditional; the finals of the eponymous tournament were broken off as a separate live special. It wasn’t until Dojo Pro launched on Amazon for Prime subscribers last week that wrestling got a streaming show that fits the streaming era … Read the Full Story HERE



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